The Heart


Be careful in your day-to-day living not to judge another person’s heart. Only God truly knows the matters of the heart.

Acts 15:8

God, who knows the heart…

Be careful in your day-to-day living not to judge another person’s heart.  Only God truly knows the matters of the heart.  We, in our human state, tend to cast judgment on what people are thinking or believing.  We convince ourselves by telling ourselves statements like, “I know she/he thinks this way.” Or, “ I can tell they were talking about me and they don’t like me.” But, in actuality, we do not know what another person is thinking or believing unless they tell it to us.  Only God knows what a person is thinking, so leave the mind reading in God’s hands. 

When you find yourself in this predicament take your angst to God.  Share with God your thoughts—“God, I think this person does not like me, or they want ill will for my life, but Lord I lay that at your feet. Only you know their true heart and only you can change their heart towards me.” Get into the habit of taking your thoughts to God and allow Him to work it out, instead of you holding a private jury in your own mind. God is the ultimate judge and only He can cast judgment.

Prayer: Father, Thank You that You know us all so well, and that You can see past everything and truly look at the heart of the matter. Thank You God, for Your endless amount of love for us. I try to understand Your depths of love for me and others, but it is difficult to grasp.  But, thank You God for Your love.  I pray that I will not pre-judge others today, but instead will extend the love that You have shown for me.  Teach me how to love the way You love.

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