Believing for What Is Possible


Will you dare to believe that God can use you in ways you've never imagined in order to glorify Him?

God has given us the ability to create and work for Him, to envision what our lives will be like, and to believe for what is possible. And within the context of relationship with Him, the gift of belief is powerful to help build God’s Kingdom!

Don’t get me wrong. It’s clear God isn’t here for us; we are here for Him. However He did create your mind to believe so you can use your gifts and talents in the best way possible, in the maximum way possible, to glorify Him in the greatest degree possible.

One of the definitions for belief from Webster’s Dictionary is to “accept or regard (something) as true.” When I talk about belief, I am not talking about stirring up positive feelings so you believe something is true to manipulate God. Belief should never be used to treat God like a divine vending machine. You need the right motives for believing. Instead, belief should always be exercised to serve Him. It’s about doing the good works He created you to accomplish since the foundation of the world (Ephesians 2:10); it’s about fulfilling His blueprint for your life!

Also remember that believing doesn’t guarantee life will work out just like you want. God made us with certain limits. But please hear this: Those limits usually aren’t as confining as the ones we place on ourselves because of a lack of belief. We have no idea what God might want to do through us until we believe enough to attempt what seems impossible. Often we don’t know what potential He has placed inside of us until we attempt to be something that we haven’t been.

Remember this: Unbelief will hold you right where you are.

Please allow me to use the simple example of baking a cake to illustrate this truth.

If I believe that whipping up a chocolate cake is possible, I will develop a plan—or vision—to make it. I might even be passionate about it if it’s for a special occasion. When belief is combined with passion and vision, it will create action. It will lead me to bake the cake.

But without belief, I won’t even make it to the grocery store to purchase sugar and flour because unbelief always stifles action.  Without believing something is possible, passion, and vision will die and there definitely won’t be any forward movement.

Since this truth applies to something as simple as baking a cake, it also applies to other “bigger” endeavors, too such as building businesses, starting an orphanage, pursuing a singing career, or graduating from college.

Will you dare to believe God can use you in new ways you never imagined to glorify Him?

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