New Look for iDisciple

The beautifully redesigned iDisciple v2.0 features an intuitive design that allows you to connect daily with God's Word. And with an improved sharing functionality, spreading this life-changing content is easier than ever.

We're excited about the enhanced user interface and visually striking look and feel, and we are certain you will be, too!

What You Need, When You Need It

iDisciple is the world’s leading provider of Christian content, focused on connecting you with God through sermons, devotionals, and music. iDisciple features content that addresses everyday life: dating, marriage, parenting, finances, plus many other topics to nourish your relationship with God.

Redesigned for Today's Christians

We are taking advantage of ever-changing technologies as well as those emerging in app development

Responsive Design

With v2.0 we have crafted iDisciple to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience.

Less is More

The focus is on you — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Desktop and Mobile

iDisciple is available across a wide range of devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones.


Search for what you need, when you need it from 18 life themes. There truly is something for everyone!


Watch and listen to your favorite pastors and speakers, or discover new voices of spiritual inspiration!


Dive into more than 35 devotionals to receive inspiration and encouragement each day.

Change is in the Air

iDisciple's intuitive design allows you to dive deeper into God's Word, and with enhanced sharing functionality, spreading the scriptures is easier than ever! From Growth Plans to Sermon Clips, your connection to Christians around the world will benefit others in times of joy and need — and 100 percent of our earnings goes to charity.


A Daily Part of Life

Everyone has their own rhythm — wake up, check the phone, coffee, shower, maybe grab a bite to eat before the day gets up to speed. Whatever the pace, iDisciple is always full throttle — ready with what you need, when you need it in the app or on the website.

  • • Join nearly 500,000 users who find comfort, inspiration with iDisciple.
  • • Read more than 38,000 written pieces from notable Christian ministries.
  • • Enjoy more than 24,000 multimedia pieces to nourish your walk with God.
  • • Listen to 12 commercial-free music and nine talk radio channels.

Who We Are

iDisciple has nearly 700,000 users and features more than 250 authors offering articles, video, and audio to nurture your walk with God. Whether you want to read, watch, or listen — iDisciple has content that will inspire you.

Life-Changing Content

Explore iDisciple to find names you know and discover other authors, speakers, and ministries. But you be you; find the voices that speak to your heart. Yes, there’s a lot to read, see, and hear — but Life Themes will guide your search for relevant content.
Among the new features in v2.0:
Growth Plans: Hand-crafted bundles of highly-rated content, these are designed to walk users through a 7- or 14-day series of posts centered around specific Life Themes. Each plan features text, audio, and video content from various authors and flow seamlessly from one post to the next.
Sermon Clips: Access high-impact 3- to 5-minute clips of sermons. While you're on the go, we've created snippets of a full-length sermon as stand-alone posts. From each clip, users will be able to access other clips from that sermon in addition to the full sermon.


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