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Mercy Me

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen explains why our destiny rests on whether or not we believe the promises of God.


The Delay 

by Dave Wyrtzen
How should we prepare ourselves for the second coming of Christ? Does His delay mean that He will never rule on this earth?

Threat of Spiritual Collapse

by Dave Wyrtzen
If the Spirit of God is ripping away your pious exterior, then don't resist. In Christ you'll find the sweet, holy rest of authentic forgiveness.


Jesus: God's Final Word

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen discusses the book of Hebrews its claim of Christ's superiority.


The Anointing, the Betrayal, and the Last Supper

by Dave Wyrtzen
Do you ever feel as though your life is spinning out of control? In today's message, discover how Jesus found equanimity despite His impending death.


Countering Materialism

by Dave Wyrtzen
Strive to be like Barnabas and seek the proper perspective on money. Be a generous spirit like him and give sacrificially.


Judah: Can Someone Truly Change?

by Dave Wyrtzen
Can a leopard change his spots? Pastor Dave Wyrtzen examines the life of Judah in Genesis 38.


A Preacher You Can Trust

by Dave Wyrtzen
Like Paul, challenge your children to live lives worthy of God.


The Covenant: More Than a Piece of Paper

by Dave Wyrtzen
What does an almost forgotten, old-fashioned word like "covenant" have to do with today's commitment to marriage?


Rejecting Religious Leaders

by Dave Wyrtzen
Wise men could instantly declare where the prophet Micah predicted the Messiah would be born, but when it actually happened, they didn’t even walk six miles south to check it out. Their indifference is scary.

God's Good News

by Dave Wyrtzen
You can be sure that His spirit of holiness will powerfully work through us to touch the lives of others. That is the good news.


Learning to Put Up with One Another

by Dave Wyrtzen
Even if our anger is justified, it hurts us more than it hurts others. How can we learn to get along with those who upset us?


Enslaved by Lust

by Dave Wyrtzen
Get hooked in the safety line of His Holy Spirit. Don't try to walk the "high wire" act of life without Him.


Catching a Glimpse of Eternity

by Dave Wyrtzen
Can your marriage offer you a touch of eternity? Pastor Dave Wyrtzen discusses the difference between a fairy tale and a biblical marriage.


The Plan

by Dave Wyrtzen
We plan and plan and in a moment our plans suddenly shift, but not God’s. The Apostle Peter told the Jerusalem crowd that God foreknew the Jews' plan for Jesus' death, and things went according to plan.

The King of the Mountain

by Dave Wyrtzen
God made David the greatest promise a king could ever receive — his royal line and claim to power would never end. David's "Seed" would fulfill the creation purpose to rule the world under God's authority

The Government Official

by Dave Wyrtzen
What does Jesus tell us about obeying governing authorities, even in a lawless society?


Outstretched Arms

by Dave Wyrtzen
Why do we turn away obstinately even as God stands before us with open arms?


A Divine Divorce with a Romantic Twist

by Dave Wyrtzen
According to Hosea 2, even God experienced divorce. As we enter God's "divorce court", what can we learn about His anger and his grace?


The Media Room: Learning to Connect

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen examines why the failure to communicate is the root cause of fractured marriages.


Adam: The Father of a Murderer

by Dave Wyrtzen
Why is violence such a widespread problem in almost every society? Pastor Dave Wyrtzen looks at what God had to say when the first son on earth murdered his brother.


Grid Iron Glory

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen shares a touching personal story of love and overcoming conflict in a broken marriage.



by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen shares the story of Maranatha and asks us if we have our faith in Him. He's coming back, and we need to be ready.


The Messianic King Enters His City

by Dave Wyrtzen
Religious leaders branded Jesus a heretic after he entered Jerusalem and claimed lordship over the Temple. Did He have the authority He claimed to have?


Struck Down in Church

by Dave Wyrtzen
What do close ties in a church family have to do with hard times in the job market? Pastor Dave Wyrtzen shares the answer from the story of Ananias and Sapphira.


The World's Most Unbelievable Success Story

by Dave Wyrtzen
Teaching from Isaiah 53, Pastor Dave Wyrtzen shares the world's most intriguing success story.


Breaking the Chains

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen looks to the book of Acts to see how the church responded to the arrest of Peter and the execution of James.


Where to Find Acceptance and Peace

by Dave Wyrtzen
In a world under the constant threat of death, we can still find the grace of God and a peace even death can't destroy.


My Rights vs. Stumbling Blocks

by Dave Wyrtzen
In a culture that worships personal rights, does Christ call us to be willing to sacrifice our freedom for the sake of another?


God's Secret

by Dave Wyrtzen
Did you know that for centuries God has kept a secret of undeclared love? He is waiting for just the right time to declare His intentions.



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