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Prayer Power

by Dave Wyrtzen
Have you ever found yourself crying out fervently to the Lord concerning your church family? Listen in as Dave Wyrtzen discusses prayer power in Colossians 4.


Paul, a Jew or Not?

by Dave Wyrtzen
Have you ever thought that God had answered your prayer, but then He didn't come through? Pastor Dave Wyrtzen tells us what to do when this happens.


Inviting or Repelling?

by Dave Wyrtzen
Could our religious beliefs be preventing people from coming to know Jesus?


Need a Priest?

by Dave Wyrtzen
What are we to do when our spiritual leaders disappoint us? Is there a priest who will never let us down?


Breaking the Chains

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen looks to the book of Acts to see how the church responded to the arrest of Peter and the execution of James.


Breaking the Reign of Terror

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen examines the Christian response to death in Romans 5:12.


Binging and Orgies Aren't New Ways to Hell

by Dave Wyrtzen
Can Christ really make you a new person? Pastor Dave Wyrtzen shares why Christ offers you freedom from sin and an abundant, fruitful life.


Blindness From Heaven

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen takes us through Acts 9 to illustrate why God's plan for the world will overcome every apparent setback.


Bullied by Religion

by Dave Wyrtzen
If the Apostle Paul were alive today, would he applaud the world's many religions and emerging spiritual practices? Find out in today's message from Pastor Dave Wyrtzen.


But the Greatest of These Is...

by Dave Wyrtzen
In today's message, Pastor Dave Wyrtzen examines the power of the cross and the incredible power of Christ's forgiveness.


Can God Live Inside Us?

by Dave Wyrtzen
Join Pastor Dave Wyrtzen as he explains what is necessary for the Holy Spirit to reside in our hearts.


Rebecca: The Con Artist with Faith

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen discusses Rebecca's character and her decision to deceive her husband. In today's message, discover how God's grace and purposes can be accomplished in the midst of our mess.


Creator: God or Chance?

by Dave Wyrtzen
In today's message, Pastor Dave Wyrtzen defines creation and evolution in an examination of current theological issues.


Celebrating Gifts of God

by Dave Wyrtzen
God is the only One who can heal your broken heart. Seek Him as you look up at the stars or walk quietly in the meadow, for nature is His healing gift.


Richer Than $640 Million

by Dave Wyrtzen
There's a "pot of gold" much larger than the lottery! Turn to Paul's letter to the Colossians to discover the gold that won't lose its value or ruin your life.


Convincing Proofs

by Dave Wyrtzen
If you expect the truth from your doctor, then shouldn't you expect the same from your minister? Join Pastor Dave Wyrtzen as he shares the truth about Christ's resurrection from the book of Acts.


Crowd Loyalty: It's Blowing in the Wind

by Dave Wyrtzen
Pastor Dave Wyrtzen turns to Acts 14 to find out how Paul and Barnabas stood strong despite the torments from a fickle crowd.


Daniel: A Look Back

by Dave Wyrtzen
Where will you be standing at the end of time? Pastor Dave Wyrtzen explores the book of Daniel for thought-provoking answers.


Stoned for Jesus

by Dave Wyrtzen
Will you join the mob that stoned Stephen to death? Don’t jump to conclusions—or you may discover that the "mob" looks a lot like you.


Dead and Alive

by Dave Wyrtzen
Join Pastor Dave Wyrtzen as he examines why the Apostle Paul warned the church of Colossi to remain alert.


Struck Down in Church

by Dave Wyrtzen
What do close ties in a church family have to do with hard times in the job market? Pastor Dave Wyrtzen shares the answer from the story of Ananias and Sapphira.


Debating in the Synagogue

by Dave Wyrtzen
Have you ever agonized your way through a boring sermon? Pastor Dave Wyrtzen takes a historical look at early church debates to offer fresh insights on hearing God's Message.


Summer Training Camp: Getting Back to the Fundamentals

by Dave Wyrtzen
The NFL season begins in summer training camps, where every player must master the fundamentals of football. What are the fundamentals we must master when God recruits us for His Family?

Disagreements That Divide

by Dave Wyrtzen
Listen as Pastor Dave Wyrtzen shares how unresolved disagreement between Paul and Barnabas inspired him to keep trusting God despite human weakness.


The Graveyard Earthquake That Shakes the World

by Dave Wyrtzen
Have you allowed the empty tomb to shake your life?


Solving Church Fights

by Dave Wyrtzen
Have you ever experienced a church fight? If so, learn what Luke has to say about extending the Body of the Kingdom instead of tearing it apart.


Sorcery, Prison Cells, and Earthquake

by Dave Wyrtzen
Teaching from the story of Paul and Silas, Pastor Dave Wyrtzen shares why the superior power of God can change the human heart—anywhere, anytime.


The Law and the Wall

by Dave Wyrtzen
Join Pastor Dave Wyrtzen as he takes us through the books of Ezra and Nehemiah for the conclusion of the greatest story ever told.


Stargazers or World Witnesses

by Dave Wyrtzen
Many "prophets" have claimed to be able to predict the return of Jesus. It's a great way to sell books, but is it the truth?


The Man Who Will Promise You the World

by Dave Wyrtzen
The antichrist's claim to world dominion presents a serious challenge to the King of Kings. Who will we choose as our ultimate champion and savior?



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