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Great Gain

by Karen Stubbs
The Bible teaches us that contentment is found through pursuing God. When you pursue Him, you will be given great gain.

Helping Hand

by Stephanie Wimberley
Just as our children have a hand to hold in their times of need, so do we!

His Strength

by Stephanie Wimberley
Search for the Lord and His strength in all areas of life.

I Am Special

by Karen Stubbs
God made me special! Not only did God make me special, he also made my children special.

Intimate and Organic

by Stephanie Wimberley
When I am joined with the Lord in an intimate and organic relationship, the harvest of my life is sure to be abundant.

Letting Go of Perfectionism

by Karen Stubbs
Our need for control has the potential to bring us the greatest heartache and frustration.

Be Still

by Stephanie Wimberley
Each year always seems to bring such busyness. In the midst of it all, God calls us to be still and to know that He is God.

Lavishly Loved

by Stephanie Wimberley
Moms, we are children of God, in Christ. As much as you love your children, God loves you that much and more!

Life of Peace

by Karen Stubbs
Discipline is hard, but don’t grow weary; it will pay off in the long run. Think of the peaceful life with your children when they are grown.

Little Treasures

by Karen Stubbs
Life is such a gift; it is a miracle from God and should not be taken for granted.

Love Is...

by Stephanie Wimberley
Only through the power of the Holy Spirit are we able to even come close to loving others well.

The Wife of Noble Character

by Karen Stubbs
As moms, the wife and mother poetically outlined in Proverbs 31 can serve as a good example of a woman of noble character.

Loving Example

by Karen Stubbs
Parents should be the safest people children can turn to for help. Don’t abuse this privilege by aggravating or exasperating them.

Dedication to God Equals Satisfaction

by Karen Stubbs
To be satisfied with what you have is a gift from God.

My Burden Is Light

by Karen Stubbs
If we will share our burdens with God, he will make our burdens light.

My Helper

by Karen Stubbs
Trusting God is the way to contentment and happiness.

My Needs

by Karen Stubbs
The wonderful truth is that God WANTS to meet your needs; He is waiting for you to tell Him what they are and for you to trust in Him.

Narrow Gate

by Karen Stubbs
My path is narrow and my calling is specific. I need to listen and obey, and God will direct my path.

Everyday Involvement

by Karen Stubbs
We could really start changing a lot of things around us if we would invite God to be in our everyday lives.

Our Great Shepherd

by Stephanie Wimberley
When circumstances become stressful or when we have been hurt by someone, we can take a moment to envision and remember that God is carrying us and holding us close to His heart.

Pain Now Equals Peace Later

by Karen Stubbs
If the end goal is to raise a child who is well adjusted, loving, and has a healthy outlook on life, then discipline is not only needed, it is also required.


by Karen Stubbs
Accept God’s provision and protection in your life, allowing his peace to flow from you.

Quieting Our Souls

by Karen Stubbs
Only when I make the intentional effort to quiet myself, will I best hear from God and remember what’s true and important.

Reaping and Sowing

by Karen Stubbs
If you are sowing a life that never slows down, you will reap shallow relationships with your children.

Respecting God

by Karen Stubbs
Giving God your respect means to realize and to acknowledge WHO he is. He is the creator of all things!

Satisfaction in a Job Well Done

by Karen Stubbs
Go feel good about yourself! You deserve it!

Saying No

by Karen Stubbs
When we don’t set boundaries we feel stressed and taken advantage of by people. That is no way to live.


by Karen Stubbs
Whatever stage of life you are in, “retain the place” you find yourself. Realize that there are only
 24 hours in a day and not everything will fit.


by Karen Stubbs
God teaches us to calm our minds and be content with where we are. He will work it all out.

Setting Boundaries

by Karen Stubbs
Boundaries are good, and if they are set in a healthy way, they bring peace and security.
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