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What Do You Need?

by Stephanie Wimberley
We are made strong when we draw near to Him and depend on His strength to meet our needs.

Train Up a Child

by Stephanie Wimberley
You as a mom need to TRAIN up your child, and THEN when he is old he will not depart from them.

God’s Will

by Karen Stubbs
We can always pray and ask God for what we want, but more than our asking, our hearts should be bent toward God’s way.


by Karen Stubbs
If you are a Christian, you do have family —you are in God’s family. His door is always wide open for you to come and sit with Him and ask Him any of your questions.

Ultimate Teacher

by Karen Stubbs
Make the most of your time with your child, for it is fleeting. While you are teaching manners, how to read, write and do math, don’t forget the one value that is eternal…Jesus Christ.

Are You Persecuting Jesus?

by Karen Stubbs
We persecute Jesus when we are obstinate and demanding of our ways with others.

How Do I Raise My Son?

by Karen Stubbs
Boys are fun and we don’t want to crush their adventurous spirit. But, they also must learn the difference between a boy and a girl.


Gentle Shepherd

by Karen Stubbs
Karen Stubbs shares practical ways you can spend time with God, even with a busy schedule.


by Karen Stubbs
We will always come away with a feeling of incompleteness if we try to fill our needs with anything other than God. There is no amount of money that can fill our void.


by Karen Stubbs
Christ should be the center of your life, your marriage, and your home.

The Wife of Noble Character

by Karen Stubbs
As moms, the wife and mother poetically outlined in Proverbs 31 can serve as a good example of a woman of noble character.

Heart of the Matter

by Karen Stubbs
Give your offenders the benefit of the doubt. Ask Him to take your emotions and replace them with His love and compassion.

I Am Special

by Karen Stubbs
God made me special! Not only did God make me special, he also made my children special.


by Karen Stubbs
Remember, forgiveness is a choice. Even if you don’t “feel” like it, you can choose to forgive.

Source of Peace

by Karen Stubbs
Fear has a way of working itself into our lives as moms. We must place our trust in the one person who is trustworthy and faithful… Jesus.

When Do I Let Them Fail And When Do I Step In?

by Karen Stubbs
There’s a fine line in between helping your child, and doing too much for them. Sometimes, they need to learn the hard lessons in life but sometimes, they need us to step in. So where’s that line?


Lack of Faith

by Karen Stubbs
Have faith that God will provide your every need and try to resist the temptation to run ahead and mess it all up.

Sovereign God

by Karen Stubbs
Though it may appear our 'enemy' is winning, God always wins. Don’t get entangled in the way things “appear”—keep your eyes focused on God and everything will work out for your good in the end.

The Teacher

by Karen Stubbs
If we humble ourselves, He will be our teacher. God will show us how to parent each of our children in the correct way, if we ask Him.

How Do I Manage Life's Schedule?

by Karen Stubbs
Life is busy for moms. But we aren’t always prepared for just how much we have to manage. From time management for ourselves and our family, our spiritual life and marriage… how to manage it all?


Familiar Voice

by Stephanie Wimberley
Are you familiar with the voice of Jesus in your everyday life?

How Do I Help My Kids Handle Our Divorce?

by Karen Stubbs
Divorce isn’t the easiest topic to talk about, but it is a part of life. Bringing God into the conversation while the situation is new and emotions are raw may be a bad idea. There is a time for everything.



by Karen Stubbs
Although discipline is painful, it brings a harvest of righteousness and peace.


by Karen Stubbs
When you are a mom, you do not have a ton of time to get into deep Bible studies or lengthy prayer times. So, what is a mom to do?

Are You Thirsty?

by Karen Stubbs
Once you get a taste of God's goodness, love and mercy, you will begin to want more and more. Before you know it, you will be thirsting only for Him.

Love Beyond Limits

by Karen Stubbs
We need to point our children to God and teach our children to take their hurt and their anger to Him and leave them in His very capable hands.

How Much Is Enough?

by Karen Stubbs
Karen Stubbs explains why it is important for moms to say "No" to their children.

Becoming Stronger

by Karen Stubbs
God is ready to be your shield, your protector, your Savior. Seek Him with all your heart and allow Him to be the source of your wisdom and strength.

Nagging Wife

by Karen Stubbs
God did not create your husband to be your everything. Lay your burdens at God’s feet and ask Him to meet your needs.

No Remembrances

by Karen Stubbs
The next time your past is haunting you, and you think you will never be good enough, remember: God doesn’t remember your past.
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