Your Nest


Try to stay content on this earth, and keep your eyes focused on God and on your ultimate home in Heaven.

John 14:2

In my Father’s house are many rooms; (mansions) if it were not so, I would have told you.  I am going there to prepare a place for you.

A woman’s house is an important part of her life. Where she lives, her neighbors, whether or not she “feels” comfortable and safe, means everything to a woman. Typically, a man couldn’t care less--as long as he can stay warm and dry and food is provided, he is usually happy. But, not so for a woman-- a woman cares.   A woman wants her house to reflect her personality, her charm and her warmth.   A house reflects a woman’s spirit in her eyes.  This is a big deal for a woman, whether she lives in a mansion or an apartment, it doesn’t matter--she wants to make it her own. 

Many times, in our need to make our house our own, we get too caught up with the decorating and design, putting too much pressure on ourselves (and our husbands) to create the “perfect” home.  We search and look through hundreds of places to live trying to find the perfect house, only to realize we cannot afford our dream.  But, take heart!  Jesus said He has gone to prepare a place specifically for us. Think about that--one day when you get to heaven, God will have prepared your perfect home. Maybe your place will be looking over the ocean with beautiful views or maybe you will have a cottage tucked away in the mountains that is only accessible by a dirt road.  Inside, your house will be exactly what you love, because Jesus has prepared it just for you.  Don’t be discouraged in this world or put your family in debt to try and keep up… one day, you will have the perfect place and it will last forever.



Thank You! Thank You for knowing me so well and loving me so much that You are building my final home.  You are filling it with special treasures that You alone know I will love and enjoy.  God, I will try to stay content on this earth and keep my eyes focused on You and my ultimate home in heaven.

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