Your Mountain Is Waiting 


There isn't a mountain high enough that God won't help you climb!

Then Moses went up to God, and the LORD called to him from the mountain and said, “This is what you are to say to the house of Jacob and what you are to tell the people of Israel: ‘You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.’” Exodus 19:3-4 (NIV) 

We learn in Exodus 19:3-4 that Moses went up to Mount Sinai where God spoke to him from the mountain. Mount Sinai, also called Mount Horeb, is one of the most sacred locations in Israel’s history because of all that occurred on this mountain. It’s where God met Moses in a burning bush, and God made His covenant with Israel, as well as where Elijah heard God speak in a gentle whisper. Can you imagine God saying to you, Go to the mountain, and as you stand before the mountain you hear God say, Do you remember when you were so discouraged you couldn’t find the strength to face another day or the desire to move forward? It was me who carried you to myself! 

If we travel long enough in this world, we will eventually find ourselves at the foot of some kind a mountain. This mountain represents an opportunity for us to hear from God or to allow something to stand between us and God. I’ve been facing my own personal mountain for the last 5 months, so as I type the words, I brought you to myself, I had to wipe the tears from my eyes. It seemed impossible that I would be able to find God’s presence on this mountain, but He was with me. It was very clear He was using this mountain to allow me to feel His presence more than any other time in my life. I know better than ever God carried me to Him because I had no strength of my own to climb the mountain I was facing. 

Are you facing a mountain of your own and wondering how God can possibly in your circumstances? Do you see your mountain as an opportunity to hear from God or simple as another hard road to travel alone?

Almost immediately after being set free from slavery and leaving Egypt, the Israelites—God’s chosen people—found themselves facing the Red Sea with Pharaoh and his army in fast pursuit. God parted the Red Sea and led the Israelites across the sea on dry ground. Once on the other side, the Israelites faced life in the wilderness. Their hopes and dreams of a better life diminished with each step they took away from Egypt and into the dessert. It wasn’t long before, once again, God asked the Israelites to climb their own mountain.

How many times have you have felt things would surely get better only to realize things were getting worse while struggling to find the faith to trust God again? I have often thought if faith moves mountains, I’m in trouble. I wanted to believe God would move my mountain, but every day it appeared things were only becoming harder. I didn’t have the faith to move an ant hill, much less a mountain. Regardless of whether you are facing a small hill or Mount Everest, the only one way to make it up your mountain is to start climbing. 

We all get weak and struggle with having the desire to climb versus turning back. I wish life was a picnic at the bottom of the mountain where God would daily provide fresh bread and tell me how happy He wants me to be. Or better yet, let me pretend I’m not facing the mountain. But I can tell you with certainty, I’ve never faced any mountain when God wasn’t with me. 

It was on the mountain when God showed His glory to Moses. It was on the mountain when God whispered hope into Elijah’s tired, discouraged, and fearful heart and protected him. It was on the mountain (The Mount of Olives) when God encouraged Jesus to move forward and fulfill His purpose only hours before His death. After His resurrection, Jesus gave His disciples their final instructions on the mountain before watching Him ascend into Heaven. Jesus was on the mountain when He left earth and sat down at the right hand of His Father. And He will return to the same mountain when He comes back for us. When Jesus calls us home or steps foot on that mountain, we’ll no longer have to face difficult mountains. Until then, and as impossible as it may appear, God speaks from our mountains. 

We all love to live life on the mountaintop, but life begins at the bottom of the mountain. But God will be with us on the journey and will encourage us to keep climbing. God is above every mountain we will ever face and His greatest desire is to lead us to Him. God told Moses how to lead His children, He encouraged Elijah not to fear, He told Abraham to offer the child he loved to Him, and He strengthened Jesus to face His death. And all of this took their place on the mountain. What is God saying to you on your mountain? In all my personal mountain experiences or those I’ve read about in Scripture, God never removes the mountain. He uses the mountain as a place to show us His presence and power. Your mountain is waiting, so start climbing. 


Write down the most difficult mountain you have faced to date and reflect on this experience as God’s call for you hear from Him. 

What were some of the lessons you learned about yourself and your relationship with Jesus as you climbed your mountain? 


There are three ways we can respond when we come to our mountain: 

  1. Sit and refuse to go any furtherbecoming bitter of the obstacle in our pathand risk ever experiencing God’s presence in our difficulties. 
  2. Start climbing—knowing we will become weary—but finding hope as we look back and see how far we have come. 
  3. Confidently climbing with Jesus—knowing we aren’t alone and trusting He’ll carry us when we become tired—and becoming more excited to be with Him than we are getting to the top of the mountain. 

In which way have you responded to your mountain? Remember, God is on your mountain with you. Let faith be your eyes, and He will carry you to Himself.

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