You Are More Than Enough


You alone will always be more than enough for God to love, protect, comfort, and keep. God delights in you.

Ever felt inferior? Ever felt inadequate as a person? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people struggle with feelings of inferiority and insecurities. Great amounts of these people feel as though they are not enough and as though they don’t matter. How do I know? I’ve felt this way countless times in my own life.

Feelings of insecurity, doubt, and unworthiness are common among people. We all struggle with these feelings at some time or another, yet we should never allow those negative emotions to occupy our minds and take over our lives. God says we are enough and have always been enough for him since the beginning of time. God loves you so much that he took the time out to carefully create a good plan for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). Furthermore, everything that God created on earth was good. You’re a part of God’s creation. You are of an indescribable worth and value to God.

People have and will hurt us, disappoint us, and make us feel worthless. These people make us feel as if we aren’t good enough for them or enough to please them. Oftentimes, we are also misunderstood or ignored by others we care for, making us feel inadequate and small. However, when people in the world think less of you, God still thinks the world of you. How could he not? You are the works of his hands, his masterpiece. You are the clay; he’s the potter (Isaiah 64:8).

God thinks so much of mankind that he compares them to the birds of the air and the flowers of the field in Matthew six, verses twenty-six and thirty. In the bible verses, God describes how well he cares for and takes care of the birds and flowers. Are you not much more valuable to the Lord than them? Will he not love and care for you as well as he does them? You are more than enough.

God loves all of you! Your voice, personality, quirks, flaws, imperfections, talents, and gifts are more than enough for God.

People will always hurt you or disappoint you. We’re imperfect people who make mistakes. No one’s perfect. At times, feelings of inadequacy creep into all our thoughts as well. We all have our sad days. Nevertheless, you alone will always be more than enough for God to love, protect, comfort, and keep. God delights in you.

Are you feeling like a failure? How about powerless or helpless? Whenever there’s uncertainty in a person’s life due to circumstances or situations, feelings of powerlessness and helplessness are sure to follow. Nonetheless, there’s certainty in God’s Word and his will for your life. You can be sure that even though you may feel worthless at times, you’re of an extreme significance and importance to God. Even the very hairs of your head are numbered by God (Matthew 10: 30). When you feel insignificant in the world, you can still feel powerful in Christ and be filled with hope by believing in God’s great love for you.

Are you enough? It’s time you stopped downing yourself and thinking negatively. You are more than enough because God said you are, and it’s time you started believing that truth. Be encouraged in the Lord, and in your spiritual brothers and sisters surrounding you. God not only provides comfort through his Word, but through other people. He works through other people by using their spiritual gifts to comfort you. Don’t ignore other people’s spiritual gifts by disallowing them to help you, and don’t stifle your own potential in Christ either by refusing to accept their help.

Instead of dwelling on all the negative feelings we have, we should thank God for the gift of life every day. We should thank God for the uniquely distinct people we are. The more we dwell on thoughts of unworthiness and inferiority, the more we stop believing that we make a difference in the world and in God’s plan. Don’t lose faith in yourself, or in God’s love for you. You are precious in the sight of the Lord. You’re a divine light of God’s that he’s exalted for the world to see. Shine on!


Written by Ashley Moss

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