Wrestling with Weakness


God commands us to rest. Sometimes, when we ignore his commands He chooses to lovingly discipline us. Take it from me, REST is coming one way or another.

I got sick Wednesday, really sick. I don’t usually get really sick, I get a cold or headache, pop some vitamins, Advil and go to bed early and I’m fine the next day. Not this time, not even close.

In the next day and a half, I got out of bed a couple of times, ate some mac and cheese, ramen soup and slept. Miserable and exhausted, I asked God what was up. As most of us do, I reviewed  my conscience, sure my illness was due to some foolish choice or sinful secret I hadn’t fully confessed. … Nope.

Next, I considered what I might have eaten suspiciously. … Nope.

Next, I thought about my wife … she WAS sick the weekend before. But her symptoms and mine were completely different. … Nope.

Then, it occurred to me. Rest. Every text from my co-workers, every comment from my family and friends included that simple word. Brad, you need to get some REST.

I hate to REST.

God commands us to rest; heck, I even blogged about it weeks ago. Sometimes, when we ignore His commands, He chooses to lovingly discipline us. I got disciplined Wednesday and Thursday. I needed to be loved into bed for a day. I had been carrying too much and going far too long on fumes. I was mentally encouraged, spiritually upbeat and active, but my body was not, and I was in need of some downtime.

Take it from me, REST is coming one way or another. You can pick the time or place, or He will. God loves me, us so much He intervenes into our planned schedules to ensure that we take the time to rest. Like it or not. Quit wrestling with your weakness.

I think my “take away” lesson this week was to understand the great pride I have when I presume to believe I’m not like other people … When my attitude implies to myself and others that I’m stronger. I can take it. What I’m really saying is this … God, I appreciate Your offer to give me strength in my weakness, but I can really handle it without You. Thanks anyway. I have plenty of strength to live my life. My advice ... re-evaluate and allow God to give you His strength, even if it means a moment or two of forced rest.

Practically painful this week, learning with you … “to keep in between the lines and on the road of life.

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