Wisdom with Money


One very important value we should never overlook while parenting is the wisdom behind money and how to manage it.

Proverbs 22:7

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

As moms, we teach our children many values during the 18 years we are parenting them.  One very important value that we should never overlook is the wisdom behind money and how to manage it.  We all like new “things” and children are no different. Children see a new toy, game, bike, etc. and they want it.  Maybe their friend just got the latest and greatest new gadget and they are under the belief that their life will be over if they don’t get the same thing.  You, as a mom, have a wonderful opportunity to begin teaching and training your child how to attain the things in life that we want, while at the same time not becoming a slave to the lender.

The best way to teach your child this very important principle from God is to not get into the habit of putting things on credit.  Children can get into a credit mentality too, with always telling the parent, “I’ll pay you back”.  Teach your child from a young age how to save up for something they desire and pay with it in cash.  Sit with your child and help them navigate a game plan on how to accomplish their goal.  In the end your child will learn several valuable lessons:

-       Your child will appreciate and take care of their new item

-       Your child will learn what a great feeling it is not to “owe” for something

-       Your child will set up great habits that will go with him in the future

The Bible is full of truth and wisdom and we will become wise moms if we take our direction from God’s word.

Prayer: Father, Thank you for Your word.  Thank you that I do not have to figure this life out all by myself.  I pray that You will guide and direct me as I teach my child how to save money and not be subject to debt.  Our world thinks nothing of debt, but I want a better life for my child, not one that is in bondage over credit card debt.  Give me strength not to give in to my child, but to teach them how to be disciplined with their money.  

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