Winning by Losing


You will love what God has planned for you.

Matthew 10:39

Suppose you go to your mail box one day and discover a formal looking envelope. The stationery is exquisite; heavy and cream colored. And your name and address are written with a flair in the darkest black ink you've ever seen. Hesitantly, you unseal the envelope and remove the card that is inside: “You are formally invited to discover your life’s purpose and promise at...” A time and place is listed, followed by a postscript: “Required for entrance: All you are and ever hoped to be, plus all you own.”

After a big gulp, you would probably wonder what to do with such an invitation. Who could possibly be qualified or capable of revealing your life’s meaning and purpose, and who would have the audacity to ask you to give up who you are and what you own? And besides, do you get your stuff back if you don’t like your life’s meaning and purpose as revealed by the mystery host? The key to such an implausible scenario (implausible in the purely human realm) is, of course, the authority and credentials of the person issuing the invitation. Some of the mail order invitations people receive in the mail daily promise almost as much as our hypothetical one—and most go in the trash unopened. We can smell a scam in the mail box from the front door.

But there is one situation in which this would be a legitimate invitation. If the person issuing it could indeed reveal a life purpose to you that went far beyond your wildest imagination in significance, and if that person had the ability to repay you someday far beyond the investment of your earthly possessions. Fortunately, that situation exists. Jesus Christ has issued just such an invitation to you.

If you throw away the invitation and hold onto your stuff and try to figure out your own purpose, you’ll eventually lose everything. If you abandon your life by entrusting it to him—power, prestige, possessions, everything—he promises that what he wants for you will become what you always wanted for yourself. He’s waiting to hear from you.

God’s Promise to You: “You will love what I have planned for you.” 

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