Why Me and What Do I Do Now?


Read one man's account of having the unexpected happen and how he got through it with prayer and some smart planning for unfortunate circumstances.

Those are the first two questions you will be asking yourself when something happens to you that you may or may not have seen coming.

The topic I want to focus on today is the risk you face of experiencing a disability during your lifetime. It is one of those things that can happen to anyone and it might be a short term thing related to an illness or an accident, or something long term. Regardless of the cause, chances are you going to have to face it at some point in your life, and you will be asking yourself the two questions I pose below.

Why Me?

As a Christian I believe that there will never be a good answer to that question.  As the bible says, “all things will be revealed in good time.” As a human you will constantly wonder when that time will come.  From personal experience I know that you may never find that answer. Comfort will only come when we fully understand that tons of things will happen to us during our lifetime, and we can’t control many of those things. The only thing we can do is turn to our Savior.  We can pray for relief and forgiveness and strive to accept that whatever the situation, “his will” prevails.

What Do I Do Now?

That is an easier question to answer because you have more control over the outcome.  Think about the risks you face today and what you might encounter in the future and take some action today. Waiting to take action will only decrease the amount of control you’ll have later on.

It doesn't make any difference what happened to you to cause you to come to the point when those thoughts consume all of your mental and physical energy.  It could be the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, an accident or a health issue that you have to deal with.  Whatever the cause, you will need to answer those two questions all by yourself and no one else can help. The answers will only come to you based on your faith, family and your friends.

My Story

I was 30 years old when I had to confront them. I was married, had a three-year-old daughter and a son who was 8 months old when I was diagnosed with Kawasaki’s disease. I had just left a nice comfortable position working for a publishing company, to become a Financial Advisor and a statutory employee. The disease moved fast. I felt fine one day, ill the next, and in the intensive care unit of a major hospital the next day, being told that I might not survive this viral infection and if I did it might impact my heart for the rest of my life.

The first night in the intensive care unit I had to address the first question of why me.  I was healthy one day and then told I might die the next.  If I didn't die I had an increased opportunity to develop heart issues to deal with in the future.

I didn't sleep very well for the next 10 days while in the intensive care unit, but the first night was the worst.  I prayed a lot.  The only comfort that I received was when I began to accept the fact that our Savior was in charge and I wasn't.  If I died I had life insurance to take care of my family. I also had disability income insurance so if I couldn't return to work we would have had enough income to at least pay for the mortgage on the house and put food on the table.

If you are confronted with a similar situation would you be able to find that level of comfort?  If not, do something about it now and don’t wait until it is too late.

Written by Doug Ahrenstorff

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