Who is a Lead Like Jesus Leader?


Bob Bumgarner describes the characteristics of someone who leads like Jesus.

What would Jesus do? It is a question first popularized by Charles M. Sheldon in the novel, In His Steps. More recently the question has resurfaced through wrist bands and T-shirts, WWJD? Let's bring a new slant to the question into today's conversation. Who is a lead like Jesus leader? 

They are those who are leading from a sense of egoless clarity. They know the destructive forces unleashed when they are leading from pride or fear. This doesn't mean they are never afraid or never wrestle with pride. It does mean that through a continuing process of heart surrender and skill development they create options that allow them to avoid the snare of these common leadership traps. The research is clear. Leaders who are ensnared by either pride or fear, sabotage themselves and their organization.

They are those who are using their position of leadership to envision a challenging and shared future. They are using their influence to communicate a hope-filled future in a compelling way. And finally, by becoming the towel-carrying-water boy for those they lead, everyone moves in alignment toward the future.

They are those who are using the work of ministry to facilitate the growth of people. They employ a discover and adjust style of leadership. They discover the "Mall Map-You Are Here" for each person on the team. Then they intentionally adjust their leadership behavior and strategy to leverage the situation and strengths of those they lead toward success. 

They are those depending on the consistent transforming power of "relational gravity." The reason a ball falls to the ground "every time" it is dropped is due to gravity. "Gravity causes dispersed matter to coalesce, and coalesced matter to remain intact. Gravity is responsible for keeping the Earth and the other planets in their orbits around the Sun." Unconditional love is a type of "relational gravity." The lead like Jesus leader can give unconditional love because they have received it.

There it is, unconditional love, the animating force of the lead like Jesus movement.

Really, it can be summed up by the Apostle Paul,  "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ."

So, are you a lead like Jesus leader?

Written by Bob Bumgarner 

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