Who Does God Call?


What kind of person does God confide in?

Psalm 25:14

If you are enduring a time of pain or hurt in your life, who are you most likely to confide in? Person “A,” who seems to go out of his way to avoid opportunities to be nice to you; Person “B,” who is passably pleasant and friendly to you; or Person “C,” who seems to respect you and “honor” who you are as an individual with unique gifts, needs, and life-situations? That’s certainly not a difficult question to answer, is it? No one confides in the enemy, nor do people confide in those who are in “neutral.” Rather, we looks for the person who seems to understand and respect our station in life. That’s who we confide in first. Did you know God looks for the same kind of person to confide in?

When the psalmist David wrote about who God confides in, he used a different word than describes Person “C” above. God confides in the person who “fears” him. You may not recognize it, but that is exactly what Person “C” did to win your confidence— feared you. Fear in this sense doesn't mean “shaking in your boots because you’re terrified.” It means that you honor and respect the person for who he or she is. In God’s case, you recognize, agree, and communicate that “God is God and I’m not.” Fear of God means an honorable and appropriate sense of respect for his place, his position, and his priority relative to your life. Isn't that what the person does whom you choose to confide in? They have a genuine respect for you, they honor you in spite of the difficult circumstances you are in, and they let you know that they understand perfectly where you are in life. When a person communicates that to you, you confide in them. When you communicate that to God, he confides in you.

Proverbs 3:32 says essentially the same thing: God is intimate with the upright. And the upright fear God. To put it plainly, God is looking for people to reveal his heart to, and it’s not going to be the arrogant, the rebellious, the prideful, or the callous. It is going to be those who know who they are and who he is—and are content with their role. 

God’s Promise to You: “When you recognize my role, you will soon see my heart.”


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