Who Are You?


Which "soil" are you? Which do you need to cultivate?

When Jesus taught in parables, many times the challenge was to find yourself in the story. This can be hard, because so many of us don’t have a proper view of ourselves. The parable of the soils gives us an opportunity to examine our lives and understand Jesus’ challenge to us to change.

Some of us are hard-hearted. We’re just like the airline frequent flier who tunes out the flight attendant during takeoff. Been there, done that, already know the info. Guess what, if the plane goes down, you won’t get out. The challenge for us is to bow down to God.

Some of us are always about ourselves. When our life doesn’t go like we planned, we bail on God. We are shallow and superficial. Our culture is full of transient relationships and conversations. The challenge for us is to stay long.

Some of us suffer from distraction. We are so blessed, yet cursed at the same time. Opportunities exist for us to do almost anything we want at any time. The challenge for us is to give up anything that is first that should be second.

Some of us are fully engaged. The challenge for us is to sow seed – in other words look for opportunities to impact others and act!

Challenge: We all have some degree of each soil. Ask someone close to you which soil most characterizes you.

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