Where Do You Stand?


Where do you sense that Jesus is gently exposing the terrain of your life? Ask Him to plow up your heart and harvest the dawn of a new day.


Gracious Lord, You know the twists and turns inside me which nobody else sees. Bring the power of Your Word today.


Matthew 13:10-23


Consider:  The most important meeting place in the world is where the Word meets our hearts--where logos meets kardia.

Think Further: 

This is the headwaters of all of Jesus' parables. What happens when the Word of God strikes us? Here Jesus maps out the dense topography of the human heart, leading us into its dark riddles. He swings the lamp of truth down into our evasions and compromises, so that, in the end, we might wake to God's coming, "For this people's heart has become calloused..." (15).

There is the heart which never was penetrated (19). "Generations have trod, have trod, have trod; and all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil" (Gerard Manley Hopkins). The Word comes, but there is no place for wonder, no open doorway. Life can become a scenery-less subway ride of self-protection. Cynicism can harden us, as can disappointments, betrayals and bitterness. This path seems most obvious in other people. But what about my own heart?

Here is another soil which resists the life: the shallow heart (20). Some moment has brought the touch and thrill of God, but it never moves beyond the first breaths of inspiration, never sets roots. This soil never discovers depths of intimacy with God by traveling through the unwelcome valleys of the shadow of death. It wants to stay unbruised. We don't want to die or repent. Simply put, we don't want to dwell hours and seasons with God; we just want what he brings. So when troubles come, we drift away. And then the heart is choked by the cares and riches and pleasures of life (22); here are the secret bondages we carry around. God is wonderful, but we have given the world equal access to the upper room of our hearts.

And the good soil? The gift comes when we hold on to the Word in stillness, allowing it to invade, and go on penetrating forever, giving Christ space to dwell and reign.


Pray through this parable again slowly. Where do you sense Jesus is gently exposing the terrain of your life this moment? Pray through this parable again slowly. Where do you sense Jesus is gently exposing the terrain of your life this moment? What do you believe he is longing to do within you?


Lord Jesus, I am so much exposed by this parable--the dullness of heart, shallowness, compromises. I ask You now to plow up my heart and bring the dawn of a new day.

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