Where Are You Going?


Are you seeking God for clear direction or are you scurrying about in a hurry to go somewhere without ever having adjusted your plans in light of His?

Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid and so real that it literally caused you to sit straight up in your bed, confused, and wondering where all the characters went?

This happened to me last night.

I was dreaming that I was headed off on an unknown journey with a few strangers who I seemed to be good friends with. I was leading the pack. We were traveling by foot in the city, Philadelphia to be exact. Ironically, we were loaded down with the finest hiking gear, and we seemed to be well prepared for our journey.

There was one problem.  I had no idea where I was going or leading the group off to.  We were in a huge rush but with absolutely no directions, or at least none that I knew of.

As we scurried through the city on a mission to nowhere, I could feel myself getting anxious.  I definitely had a purpose and I was desperate in my pursuit, but my next turn eluded me, and I began to really worry.

Soon, someone approached me and said he knew a short cut. This complete stranger pulled me into the subway station and proceeded to tell me where to get on the train and where to get off!  I was thrilled and asked no questions. Why would I? A short cut meant I could get there faster!  The only issue seemed to be that I still had no idea where “there” was.

We boarded the train following the advice I was given.  When we reached our stop, we gathered our gear and eagerly hopped off the train, excited to see how far this shortcut had taken us.  To our surprise we were only two blocks from where we had started, and no clearer on our next move!

At this point I heard a voice loud and clear say, “How can you lead with no directions?”

Maybe it was the voice of one my crew members, but this is when I sat straight up in my bed and looked around to see who else heard it.

As dreams often go, so does life.  We desperately seek an end point, forgetting that there are moves that we need to make and steps that we need to take to “arrive.”  Often times, the short cut seems to be the most viable option.  But more often than not, our short cuts don’t take us any closer to the destination.  Sadly, we find out in hindsight that we’ve wasted much time and energy.

As you are leading your family, your kids, your business, your ministry, your life do you have a  road map?

Are you seeking God for clear direction or are you scurrying about in a hurry to go somewhere without ever having adjusted your plans in light of God’s?

Are you so busy trying to “go” and “do” that you find yourself prepared for the wrong journey?


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