When You Don't Know What to Do


Sometimes we don’t understand “why” something happens or doesn't happen. But, we should always know that God’s Word is truer than circumstances or experiences.

"The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever…." (Deuteronomy 29:29, NIV)

Things happen. We don’t always understand why. Sometimes we don’t know why someone who is half-backslidden seems to be walking in the blessings, while an on-fire, sold-out Christian dies of a sickness before their time. We don’t always understand why one person’s prayers seemed to go unanswered, while the person who didn’t even pray received a miracle. We don’t understand why a sweet young person dies and a mean-spirited old geezer lives to be 104. Why do things happen? Why don’t things happen?

All of us have experienced challenging things that we don’t fully understand. At times, when our hopes or expectations have been dashed, we can become angry, bitter or resentful toward the Lord. We can be overcome with grief and sorrow. We can feel like our faith has been kicked in the teeth. We can replace God’s Word with our experience and find ourselves discouraged and running 180 degrees away from God.

What are we to think, believe or do when we don’t understand the “whys” of life? Today, start with the basics…God is good all the time. He is always for you. He’s not a “schizo-God” who blesses one day and curses the next day. He is love. So, when things happen that we don’t understand, what do we do? Understand there are two basic categories: Secret things. Revealed things.

Secret Things: When things happen, God knows why, but thankfully, He often keeps it a secret. Remember, we live in a fallen world where kingdom laws are broken all around us and the enemy seeks to steal, kill and destroy – things happen. Perhaps the more important reason God keeps secrets is because He’s not a gossip! He doesn’t reveal the “whys” of everyone’s business to any old Joe – secret things belong to the Lord.

Revealed Things: Sometimes, when things happen, God reveals why. If God reveals something to us, it’s because He’s expecting us to walk in that truth by faith. For example, He’s revealed His character, His will and the laws of His kingdom to everyone in His Word – things revealed belong to us.

When we don’t understand “why” something happened or didn't happen; here’s what we do “know.” We know God’s Word is truer than circumstances or experiences. We know that if God could have, He would have. We know that if He did not, it must be that He could not. When we don't understand, we know He does. We know that just because God knows everything about us, it doesn't mean He tells us about everything. We know that when it looks bad, God is still good.

Today, be encouraged that no matter what comes, goes, happens or doesn't happen…at the end of the day – we still win! Jesus is still Lord and we’ll have all of eternity to discuss the “whys”…

Say It: “Father, I trust You. There are some things that I don’t totally understand, but I do trust You. I give you all my questions today. If You choose to keep something a secret, I respect that. Today, I will move forward in faith, in what I do know…about You, Your character, Your Word and Your will. I will walk in what You have revealed to me. In the end…I win. Jesus is Lord. Your Word is still true and we will have all of eternity to discuss all the whys and hows. I trust You Lord, with all my heart. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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