When We Have No Answers


What God wants to tell us is this: “Just because you can’t think of any answers and solutions, don’t conclude that I can’t either.

Dear Sister,

This morning I read a scripture from the book of Zechariah that encouraged me. So I thought I would share with you what I learned.

There are things and circumstances in our lives for which we have no answers. They may be very personal, such as health issues and uncertainties about our future, or they may have to do with our family, children, relatives, co-workers and the ministry.

This morning I was thinking about some of those things in my life for which I have no answers. You know, each time I dwell on these issues, my mind tries to find solutions but can’t. What happens next is this: My mind starts imagining the worst possible outcome.

I wonder if your mind does the same to you.

As a result, we get discouraged, anxious, fearful and our heart becomes heavy. This often happens to us not at first, but after we prayed and trusted God to intervene. However, when weeks and months go by and we haven’t seen any positive changes, our mind tells us that there is no solution.

In addition, if we pray for someone specific, we are confronted with the fact that God can only work in people’s lives and circumstances if they permit Him to. And if they refuse, then all our faith on their behalf will do no good. At least that is what our mind concludes.

Did you know that God asks us a specific question if we think there is no solution possible? The Old Testament tells us the story how God’s people were taken into captivity as the result of their sin. They were far away from their homeland. For 70 years their land was desolate, their cities destroyed and Jerusalem (along with the temple) in ruins. Then God told them that He would bring the people back and restore everything as it was before. Even after many of them returned, it was impossible for them to imagine that such a restoration could happen. In response, God asked them this question:

If it is too difficult in the sight of the remnant of this people in those days, will it also be too difficult in My sight? (Zechariah 8:6).

What God wanted to tell them—and us—is this: “Just because you can’t think of any answers and solutions, don’t conclude that I can’t either. Remember I am God, and for Me, all things are possible.”

We are supposed to focus and meditate on the greatness of our God instead of the conclusions of our limited minds. Let’s start with these stories:

God brought Noah and his family safely through the flood.

He made a way for His people through the Red Sea by dividing it.

He fed them with manna through 40 years of wilderness travel.

The Lord kept Daniel safe in the lions’ den.

He protected Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the midst of the fiery furnace.

He provided food for the prophet Elijah through ravens.

He cleansed Naaman from leprosy.

Jesus gave sight to blind Bartimaeus.

He healed the paralyzed slave of a centurion.

He silenced the wind and the waves with a word.

He freed the daughter of a Canaanite woman from demons.

He raised Lazarus from the dead.

Do you know what all these events have in common? They are problems for which we as human beings have no answers. Yet none of these things was too difficult for our God! He is almighty, and there is absolutely nothing He cannot do, including changing the laws of nature, if it fits His purpose.

What will happen when we meditate on the greatness of our God? Our faith and trust in Him will grow far beyond the limited solutions our mind can produce.

As a result, we will not give up believing that God knows a way to change the circumstances and the hearts of the people for whom we are praying. He has done it before, and He purposely recorded it in His Word so we may know that He is willing and able to do it again.

How privileged we are to serve a God whose power has no limits!

My dear sister, may the Lord strengthen you by His grace.

Your sister in Christ,


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