Whatever Is Noble


Do you believe lies about yourself? Philippians 4:8 reminds us that whatever is noble, to think on those things. Stop believing lies and think only noble thoughts.

Whatever is noble? The word “noble” makes me think of royalty, a princess,  a King and a tale.

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, lived a beautiful young maiden. As all good stories go, this lovely young woman was incredibly beautiful. Sadly, she had a hard time seeing herself as lovely and never ever saw herself as beautiful. As a matter of fact, when she looked in the mirror she saw a hideous creature.

Every morning and every evening, this fair girl would peer into her mirror and hope each time to see what she saw in others, fair hair, a creamy complexion, straight teeth and designer clothes of the newest fashion. Yet, every morning and every evening stringy hair, acne and oily skin, crooked teeth and drab clothes she was ashamed to call her own stared back from the mirror.

Unbeknownst to her, this mirror was under a spell—a spell that had been cast on mirrors of all teenagers in all the land.  Instead of displaying her true beauty, it would reflect her innermost thoughts and feelings.  The most cruel of all mirrors, it would remind her of all she felt was wrong with her and never what was true and right.

I’m so ugly. These pimples are disgusting.  My hair never looks good. My feet are HUGE.  And these teeth? Am I part rabbit? Who would want to be seen with me in these hand me downs? How could anyone ever want to be my friend?

With each hurtful thought her appearance changed. As she began to truly believe these lies the wicked part of the spell came to pass…others began to see her the same way. That is, all but one, her mother.

Her mother knew her beautiful girl was hurting and knew only One could make things right. Her child must see the King.

This fair maiden had heard rumors that this King her mother spoke of could change people and at her mother’s gentle encouragement she left for His castle.  She was tired of feeling ugly and less than.

The land was set apart on a high hill. It was ruled by the kindest of Kings and the most forgiving of rulers. He gave favor and blessings to all who would but ask.  She wasn’t sure exactly how he did it, but her mother told her that everyone who made their way to His castle came back transformed—still, she was convinced it wouldn’t be this way for her.

Her knees were shaking as she walked up the stairs to the royal doors. Before she could make her entrance, they gently swung open as if she’d been expected. Entering His throne room she was overwhelmed by His beauty. Her breath caught in her throat and she dropped to her knees. She could hardly explain it; an intoxicating mixture of love, joy and peace filled her.

“Welcome, My beautiful child.”

Her head remained bowed as she tried to find words. “Dearest King, I’m hurting. I’m the ugliest of all the maidens in the land and it’s painful. Is there something you can do to help?”

“Precious one, please look up.” His words caressed her in a warm embrace. As she lifted her head she saw only Him.

“Dear King, is there something I’ve done wrong?  Why am I this way? I look around and see so many who are beautiful and it seems when I look in my mirror I see such a hideous creature. I will give you my life if you would just change me.”

The King gently smiled and His eyes welled with tears, “You’ve been tricked to believe lies. You must believe what I tell you, sweet one, I know exactly how many hairs are on your head, when you were born I danced over you with singing, I love you with an everlasting love, and I desire you to have a future filled with hope and much joy. You are more beautiful than you know.”

As He spoke each word, His love was more than she could bear. Putting her face in her hands she wept. The King stepped off the throne and held her. She never wanted to leave. His words were tender as he spoke, “Look up. I want you to see what I see.”

The mirror she’d peered into all her life was before her. Yet, this time she stood before it and her reflection took her breath away. Gone were the hand me downs and instead a gown of royal purple adorned her.

Could it be? Was it true? She was a princess!

Do you believe lies about yourself? Philippians 4:8 reminds us that whatever is noble –to think on those things. Stop believing lies and think only noble thoughts. Noble means to behave in a royal way: worthy, gracious, upright, virtuous.

I am the daughter of a King. I am loved with an everlasting love. I am beautiful. I was knit together by the very One who created Heaven and earth.

Written by Joanne Kraft

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