What's in a Name?


Ever wonder how the members of Third Day came up with the band's name? Learn the story behind the band, and discover why the all-important task of naming is significant to God.

One thing we quickly learned after starting a band was the importance of a name. We knew we needed to come up with something cool. Something catchy. But most of all something that reflected who we are as a band. So we kept putting off this naming process, to the point that it started getting a little awkward.

One time we were billed as "Mac and Friend". I don't know why they didn't go through the trouble of figuring out Friend's name. Oh well. Another time we were about to take the stage at a local church, and the MC said into the microphone, "Ladies and gentlemen, introducing…" Turning around to us, he said "What are you guys called, anyway?" We just shrugged. 

Coming up with a name was now our number one priority.

We were at Mac's then-girlfriend-now-wife Aimee's eighteenth birthday party. Mac walked up to me, smiling proudly. "I've got it. How about either Three Days or Third Day?"

"Perfect. Hey, since we're at this party with a bunch of people, why don't we ask them what they think?"

We asked around at the party, but for some reason, nobody liked it. We resolved to try to come up with a better name. We never did, so Third Day kind of stuck.

I'm so glad it did.

So many people ask us about the name Third Day. They either wonder what God made on the third day (plants and fish, I think), or what's so significant about Tuesday. It's neither, actually. But the name Third Day really sums up what we're all about. It's about Christ rising again on the third day, conquering death and initiating eternal life. It's about the hope we have when we live out of faith in what Jesus did. It's the message we want to share with everybody with our music, and it's the kind of life we want to live.

Names aren't just a big deal to a band. They're a big deal to God. He appointed Adam with the all-important task of naming, well, everything. As his descendants, we're still given the job of making sense of the world around us, seeing the beauty and purpose in all things. 

Most every name in the Bible has meaning, from God's name for himself, to the name of Jesus. Several men from Abram to Jacob to Saul, received new names to reflect their new identities in God. 

And to all of us, the most important name we can hear is our own. This isn't vanity or selfishness. This is the way we are wired.

Names are important to God. They should be important to us.

Have you ever looked up the meaning to your own name? Is there any significance? How about your church name?


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