What Makes You Beautiful


The God who formed you, who decided how you would look on the outside, wants you to know what HE thinks is beautiful.

Guys, today’s devotion is going to sound more like it’s for girls. Right now, you might think girls have germs or something, but someday—a long time from now—you might think about marrying one of them. God thinks it’s important that you know, right now, what he values. Plus, if you ever have a daughter, it will be your job to teach her what true beauty is. So pay attention!

Girls, here’s what the world wants you to do so you will be beautiful. Starve yourself so you will be skinny. Inject toxins into your face so you don’t get wrinkles. Spend tons of money on clothes, makeup, and shoes made by famous designers. Show off as much of your body as possible so that boys will look at you.

The world is dumb.

The God who formed you, who decided how you would look on the outside, wants you to know what he thinks is beautiful. Here’s a hint: it has nothing to do with anything on the outside. “Beauty doesn’t come from hairstyles, gold jewelry, or clothes. Rather, beauty is something internal that can’t be destroyed. Beauty expresses itself in a gentle and quiet attitude which God considers precious” (1 Peter 3:3,4).

God wants you to spend less time worrying about your outside shell so you can spend more time working on the person you are on the inside. When you believe God thinks you are so valuable that he sent Jesus for you, you care less about what other people think. The way your face glows because the love of Jesus pours out of you, that’s what makes you precious. That’s what makes you beautiful.

P.S. For the outgoing, talkative girls who might be reading this . . . please don’t think that a gentle and quiet attitude doesn’t mean you have to be a quiet person. It means that your heart is at peace because you know that God thinks you are stunning and wants you to use your energy and enthusiasm to bring joy to the people around you.

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