What Lioness Are You?


What is your strategic contribution and role in the pride (The Body of Christ)? Discovering your functioning role should help you realize your area of contribution.

You were fashioned to have an excellently formed and marvelously functioning part in the Body of Christ. It is time you discovered what you were made, or created, to be! Please don’t compare yourself with others and rob us all of the best you! Envy sabotages strategic relationships. Pride causes multiple falls, and no one wins when we compete with one another.

What is your strategic contribution and role in the pride (The Body of Christ)? To help determine this, we have included a short, fun quiz that has been customized to Lioness Arising. Discovering your functioning role should help you realize your area of contribution. We have found these types of profiles invaluable when navigating team and family dynamics and strengths.

Instructions: If you can answer “yes” to the given question, circle the letter (N, P, L, T). Those you cannot answer with a “yes,” leave blank. (Answer “yes” to the question that describe you the majority of the time.)  For the first four questions, you can only answer “yes” to one of them. 

1. N- When someone gets angry at me, I tend to ignore the anger, hoping it will go away, or try to soothe the anger and bring about peace. 

2. P- When someone gets angry at me, I immediately confront the person or issue, even if it makes that person angrier.

3. L- When someone gets angry at me, I think about it and decide if it is important enough to interrupt my plan or project.

4. T- When someone gets angry at me, I look for ways to learn from the experience, even if it is a difficult one.

5. T- I easily and patiently give instructions without getting frustrated if it takes too long.

6.  P- I generally discern or sense danger, or that something is amiss, before others do.

7.  L- I often find myself in roles of leadership

8.  L- I enjoy being in an organized group in which everyone is aware of their responsibilities and roles.

9.  N- I consider myself a compassionate person.

10.  P- I consider myself an assertive person.

11.  N- There are often times when I don’t mind stopping what I’m doing to give time and affection to my husband, children, or others. 

12.  P- I’m not afraid to take a risk, whether personally, professionally, or for a good or exciting reason.

13. T- I believe I’m a clear communicator and others easily understand me.

14. L- I like to stay focused until I accomplish my goals.

15. T- I enjoy training and teaching others.

16. N- I often comfort others. 


Count the number of each letter you circle and record below. (Example: N=2, L=4, P=3, T=1; these scores indicate that you left two blank)

N= _______       L= _______        P= _______       T= _______ 

The higher you score in any letter indicates that you are stronger in that descriptive characteristic. You have aspects of all four and could be high in all four, but there will most likely be one that is higher than the rest. The most you can score in any category is 4. The following descriptions will give you more insight into how fearfully and wonderfully made you are, and how you were created by God for His specific assignment.

N= NURTURER: You are a woman of compassion, especially toward those you care about. You are accepting, understanding, affectionate, and willing to take time to show those in your life that they matter. You make a wonderful friend. Cuddling on a sofa in front of a roaring fire with your spouse or children would be an ideal way for you to spend an evening. You can be spontaneous and fun, yet you are warm and sensitive. You are a Mary. 

L= LEADER: As the lioness is valuable to her pride, so are you as a leader to your family, church, or business. You are a woman of vision, able to see the big picture and how and where each person most effectively fits. You are a strategist and a planner. You willingly work under godly authority and easily lead those you have authority over. You are a Deborah.

P= PROTECTOR: As a woman, you, like the lioness, are a fierce protector of your home, your children, and those you care about. You watch over them. You (as Proverbs 31 says) “looketh well in the ways of [your] household.” This means you watch over the home—-what comes in and goes out in the way of friends, television, books, CDs, DVDs, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else time may bring. As a Protector, you watch for evil trying to infiltrate your home, and like the angel placed at the entrance to the Garden of Eden, stand guard. You are an Esther destined to protect those you love.

T= TRAINER: The woman, as a mother, is designed to be a teacher and trainer in the lives of her children. You set the tone, mood, and ambiance of your home. Like the lioness, you teach your children how to play, where to play, the boundaries of their lives, and the difference between obedience and disobedience. When your children leave the “nest,” you have them ready to enter the world with confidence, knowledge, and character.

You have been entrusted with a marvelously functioning part! We desperately need everyone in his or her place and strength. For more on the lioness, view the Lioness Arising book and workbook.

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