What Is in Your Hand?


What is in your hand that you are not casting to the ground? Know that the rod and staff of God will equip you.

"What is that in thine hand?" Exodus 4:2, KJV

God instructed Moses to cast down his staff (Exodus 4:2-4). What did that staff represent? Everything that Moses was: his status, his profession as a shepherd, his means of provision for his family.

God never said to throw it away, but simply to cast it down. Here was Moses' opportunity to accept a great assignment from the Lord, if he cast down his all.

Moses obeyed and saw his staff turn into a hissing serpent and he ran. When he took it by the tail, it turned back into a staff. However, this time it represented much more than a lowly shepherd's staff. It represented the very authority of God and the anointing for leading God's people. It is also a picture of a man throwing down all that he has in his hand, the symbol of his life's status, in order to gain all that God has for him. 

As I ponder the prophetic significance in these few verses, I see three layers of meaning: literal, spiritual, and prophetic (see 1 Cor. 10:11). The wooden staff also foreshadows the tree on which Jesus died to conquer that old lying serpent, the devil. 

I found myself praying, “Father, what is in my hand that I am not casting to the ground? My status? My finances? My voice? Here is my all Lord, I cast it to the ground. I want your purpose to unfold in my life.” What a joy to know His rod and His staff will equip me.

Written by Harriett Ford

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