What Disturbs You? Do Something About It


What bothers you so much that it moves you to action? Whatever it is, that is the key to your destiny.

“When Esther’s servant women and eunuchs told her what Mordecai was doing, she was deeply disturbed” (Esther 4:4 GNT). 

If you want to discover your destiny, the first step is to figure out how God has gifted you. Then, you have to identify the needs that stir your heart. What is it that upsets you? What causes you to think, “Somebody ought to do something about that”? What bothers you so much that it moves you to action?

Whatever it is, that is the key to your destiny.

Esther’s servants told her that her uncle, Mordecai, was publicly mourning because of Haman’s plot and the king’s decree to kill all the Jews. When she heard what Mordecai was doing, it deeply disturbed her. She probably thought that a lot of people would die unless she did something. 

Does anything disturb you, or is your life so insulated that nothing makes you say, “Somebody ought to do something about that”? 

Saddleback Church became the leading church in America in the fight against AIDS because my wife Kay read an article in Newsweek that said 14 million children had been orphaned by AIDS, and it seriously disturbed her.

And she’s not alone. In our church there are more than 300 ministries started by people who saw a problem, need, hurt, or injustice and decided to do something about it.

Isaiah 58:6-11 gives 10 amazing promises to those who act on injustice. God promises that his favor will shine on you, your wounds will be healed, he will always be with you, he will save you and protect you, he will answer your prayers, he will turn darkness to light, he will guide you, he will satisfy you with good things, and he will keep you strong and well. 

All of those promises are built on being generous with people less fortunate because God wants us to learn generosity. 

Talk It Over

Make a list of the needs you see that disturb you. Then, pray and ask God to show you ways you can use your gifts to make a difference.

What are the limitations you perceive about yourself that keep you from meeting the needs you see around you? 

Why does God want his followers to act on injustice?

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This devotional © 2020 by Rick Warren. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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