What Battle Are You Preparing to Fight?


In this message, Bob Bumgarner share the five questions leaders must ask themselves to remain ready to fight the right battle.

We recently celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my mom and dad in Hawaii. Being a military family we went to visit the war memorials of Pearl Harbor. It was a humbling experience. Freedom has never been free. Nationally or spiritually freedom comes at a high price.

I was in one of the museums that made it easier to better understand the December 7, 1941, experience. I came to an exhibit that described Hawaii's readiness for war. There were 45,000 soldiers ready to repel a direct attack on Hawaii. Admiral Kimmel limited reconnaissance patrols to save resources for what he believed was an inevitable war. Lieutenant General Short prepared to repel a beach assault and sabotage. "Neither believed an air attack on O'ahu was likely."

As leaders we are constantly deciding which battle we are preparing to fight. Many of us behave like the biggest battles we will fight are going to be direct attacks. We often believe the greatest attacks come as we get the right people aligned, convinced and skilled up to accomplish a business or ministry initiative.

My experience with business and ministry leaders has shown me there is much to learn from the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is not the expected attacks or resistance that destroy us but the unanticipated precision strikes at our points of vulnerability as leaders. Below are five questions leaders who are guarding their hearts must intentionally ask themselves to remain ready to fight the right battle.

1. Whose mission am I on? Mine or the Father's?

2. Why am I on this mission? Love or duty?

3. What is my current level of engagement in God's word? Devotional or dependence?

4. What is my attitude toward my sin? Grief or management?

5. How sensitive am I to God's presence? A memory or a fresh encounter?

6. What temptation could Satan use to take you out?

O'hau was completely prepared for the wrong battle. Don't be caught by surprise. As the Psalmist says, "Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life." 

Written By Bob Bumgarner 

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