What About Baptism


Mike Glenn explains the symbolism of baptism and how fulfillment only comes from knowing Jesus Christ who's the Living Water.

My wedding ring is a symbol. This is the ring Jeannie gave me when she told me how crazy she was about me 32 years ago. I’ve kept it.

It doesn’t mean anything to you. If you saw this on the floor, you’d pick it up and think, “Hey, somebody lost a ring.”

But I’d tear this place apart, brick by brick, to find it. It means Jeannie to me. I think of Jeannie—I don’t see the ring. I see Jeannie. It’s an outward sign of an inward reality.

In the same way, baptism is a symbol. It’s a sign that you have a real relationship with Christ. You can say, “I know Jesus—the River of Life.”

You’re free to live and to love without fear because you’re filled with Him.

You can attempt great things for God because you know you’ll have enough strength.

You can keep on hanging in there with your friend. You know you have enough love.

You can hang in there with a mission, even though it doesn’t seem to be going well.

You have enough.

You never run out, because this river of life never runs dry.

Everything we lost in the fall—trust in God, each other, and ourselves, plus meaningful work—is given back in this river that never runs dry.

Some of you are dying of thirst. What makes it worse is you’ve tried a lot of different things to quench it.

You’ve tried a relationship with other people. You’ve tried a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, thinking they can fill the hole in your life. They can’t.

It only comes from knowing Jesus Christ who’s the Living Water.

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