In this excerpt from God's Blogs, find out what God might say if He wrote a blog about marriage and how it relates to His relationship with His people.

I watched a wedding today. Actually I watched about thirteen thousand weddings today, but I focused on one in particular.

I guess I need to talk about how that works before we go any further. I can be outside of time and put Myself in it all at the same time…or I should say all at once. I can see everybody all the time and I intervene as I please. When I say I focused on one, some of you might be disturbed that I might not have focused on the others. Most of what I say about stuff like this has to be interpreted metaphorically so you can understand. The way I made your brain and how you think is really not capable of getting the whole “time” and watching-everyone-at-the-same-time concepts. BTW, I made your brain with that limitation so you could experience the wonderfully brilliant contrast that you will experience when you leave your short life and enter into the next one. Don’t get all disturbed about how and where and when I AM.

You’ll get it sometime… except… I can’t really say “sometime.” You’ll get it during another experience in another place in another dimension beyond this reality.

Okay, now back to the wedding.

The young bride was beautiful and the young man quite dashing (as are all My creations). They held hands and indescribable feelings swept through their insides. He smiled a lot and did a pretty good job at holding back his tears. She laughed out loud a few times—not on purpose, and not because anything funny happened. It’s just the way I made her. Her nervousness caused it, and it held her together at a time when she could have fallen apart.

They said their vows. They thought about their lives together, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer. And they meant it. I know their hearts. I can see into their future. I’ve already been there. I AM there right now.

Health problems will come, money situations will arise, and they will be shaken. They will complain, and they will doubt, and they will fight. She will wonder sometimes if she should have done this. He will wonder sometimes if there were someone more suited for him. Sometimes they will forget the part in the ceremony where it was said that they will build their marriage on Me. Those times will be the hardest.

I will use everything at My disposal—circumstances and people and books and solitude and tragedy and laughter and memories—to nudge them toward an important truth. There are things that she will do to hurt him every so often.There will be things he does sometimes that make her feel unimportant and unloved. And when they get quiet and reflective and… when they stop talking… and listen to Me, I’ll remind them that they (along with everyone else on the planet) do the same things to Me every day.

But I’M not going anywhere. Sickness and health. Richer and poorer. I AM. I’M going to keep on loving… and when My bride, My church, My people ignore Me for a long time… and don’t speak to Me… and forget that I AM important… and when they do things that they know hurt Me…

I will not give up on them. I will stand beside them holding their hand like the perfectly manicured groom in his elegant tuxedo, and even then, I will be saying “To love and to cherish, to have and to hold from this day forwardtill death brings us togetherfor the rest of eternity.

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