We're All Equal


We are all equally sinful—and we're all equally loved.

Read Luke 20:27-47

The human body is amazing!  Did you know that your heart pumps over 1,000 gallons of blood a day? That's over 55 million gallons in your lifetime.  That's enough to fill 13 super tankers.  And it never sleeps.  Throughout your life, your heart will beat two and a half billion times.

And then there’s your DNA – your body’s blueprint.  It’s a long string of information containing millions of cells that tell all about you.  No one in the entire world has the same DNA (unless you’re an identical twin).  And your body contains enough DNA that if this blueprint were stretched out, it would circle the sun 260 times! 

And of course, there’s the human cell.  As one website put it, “Each cell is a dynamic, living unit that is constantly monitoring and adjusting its own processes, working to restore itself to the original DNA code it was born with, to maintain balance within the body.” And that’s each, individual cell. 

Yes, all in all, the human body is amazing. We are each equally remarkable, uniquely created by our extraordinary God. Unfortunately for some people, the equally remarkable part is kind of hard to take.  And that’s exactly what Jesus pointed out in today’s reading.

Jesus was talking to the Sadducees, the religious leaders of His day.  And unfortunately, some of these guys had a tendency to be a little arrogant.  They thought that because they had a connection to God, they were better than everyone else.  This attitude really bothered Jesus.  Really.  And He let them know it.  Within their earshot, Jesus said to His disciples:

Beware of these teachers of religious law! For they love to parade in flowing robes and to have everyone bow to them as they walk in the market-places.  And how they love the seats of honor in the synagogues and at banquets. Luke 20:46

Don’t you just love the way Jesus didn’t back down in the face of their arrogance? 

He told it straight.  And don’t miss the irony.  While these particular priests were proudly parading their superior connection to the Almighty, He was standing right in front of them… and they didn’t even recognize Him. 

We are all equally sinful… and all equally loved. Jesus proved that with His life.  And when you think about it, that’s really the most amazing thing of all.


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