Walking in the Spirit: The Practical Application


Every step you take to properly relate to the Father will be empowered by the Spirit. How does this work practically?

Walking by the Spirit is feeling the effects of the Spirit’s presence and arranging how I’m living relationally in this world. The act of walking is accomplished by the Spirit’s power, and it is girded by how to have a personal relationship with God the Father and my identity found in Christ. The steps I take as I properly relate to the Father will be empowered by the Spirit of God.

How does this work out practically?  First, are you ever afflicted by anxiety?  Let’s look at how someone struggling with anxiety would apply the principles of walking by the Spirit.  Paul gives advice for handling anxiety in the Bible verses of Philippians 4:6: Stop being anxious in relationship to anything.  But if relationship to anything is causing anxiety by prayer and asking after thanksgiving, let your specific requests be made known to God.

Anxiety is a horrible mood.  Anxiety feels like somebody is continually stabbing you with a little knife.  First, Paul says to recognize that anxiety is a spirituality transformation issue.  We have to decide to talk to God about it.  Now will God look at me through my anxiety, or will He see me in the Son?

My anxiety doesn’t interfere with how to have a personal relationship with God, because God sees me in the Son.  Therefore, I can turn to Him and describe everything bugging me. I can go to God the Father, tell Him all about it, and make very specific requests for help.  I can ask for help; it doesn’t matter how irrational it is.  He’s my Father, and He likes me. With thanksgiving, I can talk this out with Him.

As a facetious example, if you are afraid that an army of red ants is going to invade your home and begin consuming you, if that’s a genuine fear in your life, tell God about it!  He’ll accept your openness as a compliment.  Then you thank Him that even if they chew you alive, He’ll see you through the pain, and you have a home in the glory of God in Heaven.

Talk it over with Him, with thanksgiving, because you know that God is with you. 

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