Walk Daily with the Lord


Cyclist Kyle Gritters walks daily with the Lord and continues every day to build his relationship with Him.

I grew up in a home with Christian parents that loved me and always led by example. In childhood I believed that going to church with them every Sunday, whether I wanted to or not, was my free ticket into eternal life. I was acting like a Christian on Sunday and doing whatever I wanted every other day of the week, which was usually disobeying my parents.

I knew that living a true Christian life was not what I was doing because my parents were the model of it. I just could not control my temper and I didn’t want to surrender all my fun, to live as a committed Christian. For the Lord to get a hold of me, He had me go to a Christian camp in middle school and changed my life. I never liked singing in church because I was embarrassed, but at this camp I sang to the Lord until He overwhelmed me—to the point where I could not stop crying. That night I asked God to forgive my sins and I fully committed my life to the Lord, and talked with a camp counselor about what it truly means to be on a daily walk with the Lord. Going to church on Sunday was no longer my religion, but a time to learn about my Savior Jesus Christ and all the things He did for me and anyone else that will choose to believe in Him.

My walk with the Lord did not change overnight, but as grow to know Him more, my imperfections come to the surface and He scrapes them off. I notice life is the hardest when I go through it in my own strength [instead of depending on Him].

Later I realized God gave me the talent to race my bike and it has been amazing giving Him the reigns in my life. He has put it on my heart to be an example of a follower of Jesus Christ in the sport of cycling. Wherever God has us in life as Christians, we are called to be a light.

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