Top 10 Ways to Be a Great Employee


How can I improve myself as an employee?

  1. Make a commitment to love your fellow workers—especially the ones who are difficult to love.
  2. Realize that your attitude toward your job is influencing the way your kids view work as well as the way they view you as a person.  Be grateful for your job, and always speak well of the opportunity you have been given to earn a living.
  3. Show respect and honor for your employer, supervisors, directors, and immediate bosses.  Always speak well of them and to them.
  4. If you make a mistake or fall short of expectations, admit it immediately.  Never hide behind excuses or pass blame to a fellow employee, even when you’ve failed badly.
  5. Never steal ideas. Be quick to give credit to the source.
  6. As much as possible, participate in office social functions. Be a team player inside as well as outside the work arena.
  7. Encourage fellow employees who are struggling. To the degree that it is within your power, do whatever you can to help them succeed.
  8. Refuse to be a part of office gossip about supervisors or fellow employees.  Remember, if you help take people down, ultimately, you go down with them.
  9. Never take a single thing from the office that belongs to the company (not a paper clip, pencil, stamp, or piece of paper).  If your company is generous on these matters, still ask the person in authority if it’s all right, and insist on paying for it.  Give back more than you are given.  Always turn in accurate and absolutely honest expense accounts.
  10. Work hard to improve your position in the company.  In the meantime, don’t complain about your pay. Trust God to see to it that you are fairly dealt with on payday.
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