Timeline for the End Times


The topic of end times can be very confusing to many people. Pastor Lance Hahn offers insight with this simple timeline.


I get so confused reading about the end times (Bible view of the end of the world). Can you give me a super simple timeline on how you see things happening?


Dear Friend – I totally hear you. It’s super confusing and I don’t pretend to have it all figured out. If I was to make a really, really simple timeline it would look something like this…

1.) Church age (that’s us right now)

2.) 7 yr Tribulation (perhaps with a Rapture where Christians are caught up at some point)…The world follows the Anti-Christ (at least the Middle East, although I think it’s worldwide)

3.) Christ comes to fight. Those that became Christians during Tribulation are still around and perhaps the church (depending on your rapture view)

3.) Armageddon – bad/Gentile/Antichrist-gathered) armies are destroyed. The rest of the people of earth may well be still alive out there (wicked alive and well). Antichrist and False prophet buddy thrown into lake of fire

4.) Millennium – Christ physically stays here to lead from Jerusalem on earth – wicked are still alive through the world (earth curse removed and starts going back to Eden state) – somehow, some way Christians are raised from the dead (primarily martyrs) to reign with Christ in some capacity.

5.) Great Battle – Now the wicked of the world (sand of the seashore) launch another attack against Christ in Jerusalem – all burned up. Satan thrown in lake of fire

6.) Great White Throne Judgment – All people are judged, wicked dead are raised (2nd resurrection) for judgment. Christians get judged on deeds and rewards; non-believers are judged to the Lake of Fire. Death and Hades thrown in lake of fire. Earth and ‘heavens’ are destroyed.

7.) New Heavens and New Earth created for God’s people for eternity.

8.) Eternity (with a bunch of stuff God has for us to do including reigning with Him, perhaps watching another creation account, adventure, praise and worship, etc.

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