Three Things I Practice in My Time with God Daily


Ronnie Floyd from Cross Church shares the three things he practices in his daily time with God.

I always begin my day with God. For at least three decades, this has been my commitment and practice. Nothing has had any greater influence on my life, family, church, and ministry than the priority of beginning my day with God.

Since we can all learn from one another on how to make this time with God effective and meaningful, let me share with you my practice. I promise that if you and I were sitting across from one another in a Starbuck’s and you were sharing with me how you personally spend time with God, I would grow from hearing you.

Three Practices in my Daily Time With God

1.) A Prayer ListI have used all kinds of plans for meaningful prayer; however, none is more effective than developing and maintaining a prayer list.

I have found in my life and walk with God that if you do not have a plan to pray, you will not pray effectively. Do not imagine your plan as a law that binds you, but rather as a guide that frees you. Additionally, an organized prayer list can change daily. It is so helpful for all of us because it keeps us on task, but willing to flow in the power of the Holy Spirit as He directs us daily and uniquely.

Prayer needs to be your first choice, not your last. When we face a crisis or challenge of some kind, make prayer your first choice. Better yet, always make prayer your first choice daily.

The more I grow in Christ, the more I see that one of my greatest contributions can be to intercede for others. A prayer list helps you to direct your prayers toward others rather than always being on yourself. Yes, daily pray for your own life is important; but also, pray for others.

2.)  Read the Bible Through Annually: Since 1990, I have read through the Bible annually. Nothing has affected me personally any more than reading through the Word of God annually. God always has me in the right place at the right time to speak to me through His Word. The Bible is God’s greatest means of communication with you.

The Bible will influence your prayer life greatly. Why? It is simple. What God says to you is more important than what you say to God. When you daily saturate your life in God’s Word, it alters everything about your life. There are days when life and leadership gets tough. I am thankful God has me in His Word, giving me “life words” that I can cling to like a desperate man drowning.

3.) Write a one-page Prayer to God Daily: Since January 1990, I have concluded my time of praying and reading God’s Word by writing a one-page prayer to God.

I have discovered that my soul is nourished when I write this daily prayer. It is often my note of transfer to God. It is the official transfer of my greatest burdens to God. There is a mysterious release that occurs within me. It also becomes a record for me to review periodically, which reminds me of some things God has said to me, and also what I have said to God.

Journaling has great value; do not minimize it. Men, journaling is not just a “woman thing.” Many men have a spiritual journal in their life, especially like what I am referring to.

If you do not have a daily time with God, I have presented you with one way to do it. If you do have a time with God daily, then perhaps this has encouraged you in some way. 


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