Three Consequences of Missing Your Purpose and Calling


God created each one of us for a purpose. When we live for ourselves we miss out on more than just our calling.

God has a two-fold Master Plan: 1) to display His glory throughout the world, and 2) to have fellowship with humanity, His creation.

God wants you to participate in this Master Plan. Your participation requires that you invite Christ into your life for relationship with Him, and that you pursue a life mission to carry out His purposes in the world. This is your only true source of fulfillment and joy.

In John 10:10, Jesus said, “I have come that they [that’s you] may have life, and have it to the full.” Not a sad life in which you numb or medicate your sorrows with fleeting pleasures like food, sex, or illegal drugs. Instead, Jesus promises that you can rise above joy-robbing circumstances--but you must understand His Master Plan and your role within it.

Remember, you must know Christ and pursue a life mission to carry out His purposes in the world. If you have a relationship with Christ but you don’t pursue your life mission, you will experience three trade-offs:

You will trade joy for happiness.

Maybe that doesn’t sound bad but happiness isn’t consistent; it comes and goes. You only experience it when things are going good—and even then, it doesn’t stick around. As soon as the initial excitement wears off you’ll need another shot of something good to bring it back. It’s not fulfilling in the long run.

Thankfully, joy doesn’t work that way.

The joy God gives isn’t dampened by gloomy weather or a bad economy, and it doesn’t fade after the novelty is gone. Joy is rooted in a deep sense of meaning and purpose that transcends life’s circumstances. When you participate in God’s Master Plan by knowing Him and fulfilling your personal mission, you will find there is no greater joy.

You will trade relationship with God for doing things your own way.

Again, maybe that doesn’t sound like a bad trade, but you can’t find satisfaction on your own. The only true way to fulfillment begins with a relationship with Him. Not to mention, this relationship is not just a means for fulfillment, it’s the source of fulfillment. Knowing God and doing His will are inseparable concepts. If you claim to know God but don’t engage in what He’s prepared for you to do, then you’ll never have a fully developed relationship with Him. As James wrote, “Faith without works is dead” (2:17).

You will trade eternal rewards for temporary amusement.

The word “amusement” comes from the Latin word “muse," which means “to think;" the prefix a means “not.” When our goal is temporary amusement, we’re just not thinking. Admittedly, sometimes it can feel good not to think. But it’s like using a credit card. It will cost you more later on. When it comes to God’s calling for your life, that’s a high price to pay.

You are an eternal being. When you finally wear out your body or “earth suit,” you will slip out of it like a pair of pajamas. Everyone will live forever, either in paradise with their heavenly Father or in darkness separated from God forever. Salvation depends on placing your faith in Christ as your Redeemer and Savior. But the Bible also says that we will be rewarded in heaven based on how well we accomplished our mission while on the earth. What we do now with our opportunities, gifts, talents and treasures will determine the rewards we receive for eternity. You have the opportunity to transfer fleeting moments into eternal riches.

If you do not understand, embrace and execute these truths, you will never have complete peace, fulfillment and joy. But when you do, your satisfaction will begin to skyrocket. When you participate in God’s Master Plan, you will know that you are significant, and that your purpose is linked to something God-sized. When your life has a purpose this BIG, you will experience fulfillment that your circumstances can’t touch.

C’mon! If you are not pursuing God’s purpose and calling for your life, get busy seeking Him. Then, discover and live out your purpose. Your joy and fulfillment in this life depends on it—and your rewards in heaven do, too.

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