Thoughts that Flit Through My Mind: Relationships


Here are 12 thoughts on relationships that came from real-life experiences or lessons from Christ in Scripture.

Today, I’d like to present you with 12 thoughts on relationships. Like the others, these came from real-life experiences or lessons Christ taught me through Scripture. I hope you enjoy them. I’d love to know which one(s) resonate with you most and why.

1) Part of forgiving like Christ commands means you cease rehashing what someone did to you. You stop revisiting the offense to punish them in your mind. You let them off the hook.

2) Carefully pick your battles. Not everything is worth a fight.

3) When we realize that only God can love us completely, we are ironically freed to give and receive love in a greater way. This makes all the difference between being joyful in our relationships and being miserable. The person who expects more from others than they can deliver is difficult to please, but the more secure someone is in God’s love, the less pressure they will put on others to be everything for them. Then, instead of being just consumers of love, they can joyfully become bearers of love because they have been filled with Christ’s love first.

4) Unforgiveness is cooperation with the powers of darkness. It’s an agreement with God’s Adversary. What does the Adversary do? He accuses. He blames. He shames. He wants us to do the same.

5) The depth to which rejection hurts depends largely on if we internalize the negative messages that come through rejection. And, not internalizing those messages has everything to do with knowing Who you are because you know Who you belong to. Do you know the One you belong to?

6) Real intimacy makes us feel alive like we’ve been found, as if someone finally took the time to peer into the depths of our soul and really see us there. Until then, until we experience true intimacy, we will feel passed over and ignored, like someone is looking right through us.

7) Sometimes being great means you have to be different.

8) Lust is the adversary of love. When you really want love, but you dance with lust, you reject love. Once you let lust in the door of your heart, it is not easily turned away. It will take over the place in you reserved for love. Then you will find that lust has destroyed the love you have longed for.

9) When we refuse to change for the greater good of a relationship, we are expressing our greatest selfishness.

10) Love that covers over a multitude of sins is love that is a choice, and it’s love that always comes back to the one who gives it. If you want your heart to be enlarged, choose to overlook the weaknesses and offenses of another. You’ll find the love you give coming back to you and filling you up.

11) When it comes to receiving advice from others about what you should do with your life, beware of people who would rather exercise control over you than have faith for you.

12) To fulfill God’s calling for you life, there will be times when you need to be determined and say, “I know the world and even some people who are close to me disagree with my direction. But, I will not be moved. I won’t settle for less than what God has planned for me. What is working for you, is working for you, but it won’t work for me.” Sometimes the best answer is no.

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