Things Aren't Always As They Seem


We often believe the grass is greener on the other side, but God’s good and great plan is being activated right here and now.

How true is this statement: Things aren’t always as they appear.  We see that all around us. Gorgeous actresses seem so perfect, displaying “the good life,” where behind the cameras, life is falling apart.  Public figures seem so together, showcasing their “highlight reel,” where behind the scene addictions of every kind prevail.

Rich and I understand that concept.  While on vacation, we were told to check out this lovely resort.  Look at this place.  Is it not gorgeous?  Are you kidding?  It appears to be the White House Spa on steroids.  So we ventured to this hideaway for an evening of relaxation.  We called to make reservations and check out the room rate, but the recording informed, “We’re currently away from the desk assisting other guests, but we do have vacancies at the moment.”

While driving up to the front door with no cars in the parking lot, we strolled into the lobby. I noticed leaves and dust on the floor with the front desk area disheveled, like time was standing still.  The entrance led us  to the luscious view of the ocean (and I do mean LUSCIOUS) when a man walked down the stairs.

Rich inquired, “Do you know where we check in?”  The man responded, “You register at the front desk.”  I thought, We just passed that area and it felt like a ghost town.  Hardly without notice, Rich grabbed my hand and under his breath murmured, “We’re getting out of here.  Something is evil, suspicious, and terribly bad going on here.”

As he whisked me out of my dream vacation spot, a morbid thought came to mind, Good grief.  This place is a death trap.  There are no lodgers here.  I bet the owners kill their guests and bury them by the ocean.  It was all making sense by now.  I was spooked! 

As we raced to our rent car, a man stopped us on the way out with work tools in hand: a shovel and an instrument that looked like a pick axe. I was right.  He was going to kill us right there.  He inquired, “Are you looking for a place to stay?”  I responded in my head, “Please Mister, don’t kill us!”

“Oh, no sir,”  I answered with my upper lip quivering. “We were just passing through.”   He retorted with an evil glare that set our feet a running, “You’re not staying with us? THEN – GET – OUT – OF – HERE!

Throwing up a tornado of gravel on the lovely Cinderella mansion, we drove away without a second thought.  We stopped in town and asked about that place, “Oh, the owner is a drug addict and strange things go on there.”  Yipes, I thought.

So it’s true.  Things aren’t always as they seem. The entire episode was a good reminder about life in general. Don’t be so gullible or let what’s visible shape your thinking. We often believe life is greener on the other side:  If I was just married… If I just had more money… If I could just stay in that resort.  But God’s good and great plan is being activated in our “now.”   Being content is knowing that the grass is greener on my side of the fence, orchestrated by God for this season for a purpose.

So beware of focusing too long on appearances.  It’s a trap that leads you astray every time.

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