There's a Correlation Between Your Credit Score & Your Intimate Relationships


What's the link between credit scores and relationship longevity?

CitiGroup Survey found that 78% of Americans say they prefer a partner that is good with money over one that is physically attractive.  In another study that I read, a matchmaking website allows customers to post their credit scores. Those with high credit scores received more interest from the opposite sex than those with low credit scores. 

Another study by the Federal Reserve Bank found that people tend to form committed relationships with people whose credit scores are in the same range. And couples with high credit scores tend to stay together longer. For every additional 100 points or so in a couple’s average credit score at the beginning of their relationship, their odds of separating during the second year of the relationship drop by 30%.

Also, if the difference between a couple’s individual credit scores is greater than 66 points at the start of the relationship, the couple is 24% more likely to split up within the second, third, or fourth year of the relationship. The link between credit scores and relationship longevity probably has to do with creditworthiness being a proxy for “an individual’s general trustworthiness and commitment to non-debt obligations,” the study notes.

What’s the moral of this story?  How you handle money is an outward indicator of your overall character.  I believe that is why God sets the standard for all of us to be “faithful” with the little things. In Luke 16:10 he says that if we do that, we will be trusted with much greater responsibility.

Crown’s free assessment helps you analyze your financial health and pinpoint areas that need attention. The tool compares your beliefs and your behaviors and makes recommendations for corrective action.  A high score on the MoneyLife Indicator is better than a high credit score.


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