The Wrong Picture


In this excerpt from God's Blogs, Lanny Donoho writes a blog post from God's perspective, suggesting that many times we have the wrong understanding of what God is really like.

I AM a little disturbed—actually a lot disturbed—that so many people and churches have painted such a distorted picture of Me throughout the centuries.

People, of course, have no idea how to paint Me, but they have often attempted to paint the face of Jesus, and it intrigues Me that you almost never see Him smiling or laughing.

Some have Me pegged as the celestial killjoy. Lots of preachers and scholars have portrayed Me through their sermons and writings as one who is “set in His ways” and “scowls” at those things which do not go according to My heavenly plan. This inaccurate presentation has caused many who listen or watch to place Me on a shelf with some of their other relics that have been collecting dust for a while.

I don’t like being placed on a shelf. Especially before someone finds out who I really AM. So if you’ve been listening to the wrong people or someone has handed you a picture of Me… before you decide to set it on a shelf somewhere, do Me a favor.

Go read some of My stories. Here are some of the things you’ll see.

  • I once caused a donkey to talk out loud.
  • I had a big fish swallow a man and three days later spit him up unharmed.
  • I helped a few guys walk on top of water in a storm.
  • I made it nighttime in the middle of the day.
  • I set a bush on fire and kept it from burning.
  • I did the same asbestos kinda thing with three teenagers although I didn’t start that fire.
  • I split the water of a huge lake right down the middle and held up the sides while over a million people walked on dry land to the other side. Then I brought the water down on the bad guys who were following close behind.
  • Little bitty armies beat big ones. Sometimes with just instruments and pots and pans.
  • I made a storm stop and the waves settle with just a few words.
  • I took some spit and mud and used it to make a blind guy see.
  • I talked the leprosy right out of a couple of guys and made their ears and fingers grow back right in front of their amazed eyes.
  • I sent so many frogs and gnats and flies to a place one time that no one could see anything two feet in front of them.
  • I turned water into wine so a party would go better.
  • I set water and rocks on fire just to prove I’M Me to the ones who needed to know.
  • I fed over five thousand people with just what was in a kid’s lunchbox.
  • And I watched a dead man hop out of his grave when I asked him to—mummy suit and all.

That’s a short list. There weren’t enough gigabytes in the computer to type out half of the long list. (Did I mention that I also created the platypus, the giraffe, the kangaroo, and the grasshopper?)

Now do you still think I don’t have a good time and laugh and smile? Do you catch a bit of creativity in some of My actions? Do you still want to put My picture on the shelf with all of the old relics you have collecting dust? Like I said… those were just a few of the millions of fun things I’ve been up to. I do small fun little things now and then too. I helped some people find their keys today, and I made their car run when it was out of gas. I’ve turned on television sets and turned off electricity just so some good stuff could happen to some good people.

Hey… I’ve even saved your life a few times, and you weren’t even aware of the danger.

Okay… that’s My blog. Sure, I’M God so I’M old and Holy and Pure and Sacred. But… I’M fun and I smile and laugh and do exciting things that you couldn’t imagine.

So, tear up the old pictures you have of Me in your mind (or on that old church bulletin board). Quit listening to the folks who make Me look boring… and spend your time and energy discovering who I really AM. It’s all written down.

Plus, you can see lots of Me in lots of people. And… I’M right here, ready to chat.

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