The Ugly Side of Pride


Being able to apologize to our children when we have not parented in a loving way teaches them the correct way to handle a bad situation.

Proverbs 16:18

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Pride gets in the way in our lives too many times. As a mom, I can be full of pride with my children. Many times I will know that I acted in a wrong manner, but because of my pride, I will not apologize to my child. This way of living only sets my relationship with my child on a destructive road.  We, as moms, should humble ourselves and acknowledge when we have not parented in a loving way. We should be able to go to our children, and say, “I’m sorry for …."

In humbling ourselves it shows our children a few things:

  • Moms are not perfect
  • Moms make mistakes and need to apologize, just like children
  • By having a humble heart, a Mom teaches her children the correct way to handle a bad situation

Don’t ever be too prideful to not apologize. None of us are perfect. In a child’s world, it is good to see when a parent makes a mistake, owns up to their mistake and then makes it right. You are the teacher. Teach your child the correct way to handle a bad situation. Don't be prideful unless you desire destruction.



I make mistakes as a parent everyday. God, give me a humble heart--a heart that is willing to apologize to my children and take responsibility for my wrong actions. Father, I ask that as I lead my children, You would give me wisdom to parent with love, respect and humility. I need these characteristics from You, because in my own strength, I do not have them. Thank You for giving so generously to those that love You.

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