The Truth About Jesus


As soon as the church gets the truth about Jesus, the world won't be far behind.

Why does the world think Jesus is interchangeable with any other religious leader or founder? Why does our culture think Jesus is on par with Buddha, Mohammed, Joseph Smith or…well, you can fill in the blank?

Why do people think Jesus is just another religious teacher whose teachings and insights can be compared, weighed, debated, and graded against the teachings of other religions and the so-called conventional wisdom of the day? Do they not know Jesus? Do they not know His story?

Simple answer—no, they don’t. They only know the story of Jesus we’ve proclaimed to them. Proclamation is more than the sermons we hear on Sunday mornings. Proclamation has to do with the totality of the message the church lives out in the culture around them.

It’s our conversations and the things we buy. It’s what we read and talk with about our friends. It’s how we love each other. It’s how we respond to the broken and wounded around us. It’s everything about us and how everything about us reflects the Lordship of Jesus Christ and our alignment with His teachings and kingdom.

The reason most people only have part of the story is the church, for a variety of reasons, has proclaimed only part of the story about Jesus. Thus, the world around us only knows part of Jesus. We have tried to make Him life-sized—understandable—and this result leaves us with a Jesus who is sympathetic to our struggles, but can’t help us. He’s just like everyone else…but Jesus isn't just like everyone else.

When you go to court, they will swear you in. You will be asked to place your left hand on the Bible, raise your right hand, and repeat these words, “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”

If I could, I would make every Christian swear the same oath in order to testify about Jesus. We would be forced to tell the truth about Jesus—the whole truth and NOTHING but the TRUTH about Jesus. As soon as the church gets it, the world wont’ be far behind.

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