The Real Reason You Are Here


To discover God’s purpose for you, you have to understand His plans for the world. What does He want to accomplish? What does He care about most?

There are many books out there designed to help people discover their purpose. They contain many helpful hints, such as how to discover your gifts and talents, and how to identify your passions. These are definitely important pieces of understanding the real reason you are here. In fact, we share these very principles through Blueprint for Life. However, they are only a part of how to discover your true purpose.

His Purposes and Your Purpose

Here’s a secret: You cannot discover the real reason God made you without having an authentic relationship with Christ. In fact, you will never grasp the meaning of your life apart from an intimate relationship with Him.

You will also never be able to discover your purpose without knowing what God wants to do in the world. Why? Because there is a clear link between what He is doing in the world and His purpose for you. In fact, He wants to use you to fulfill His purposes.

This is the real reason you are here.

You have been created by God and for God. Therefore, a first step to discover what God wants you to do with your life is to understand that it’s not really your purpose you should be seeking; it’s God’s purpose for you. Anything less will leave you unfulfilled.

God Can Use You Right Where You Are

As I mentioned, to discover God’s purpose for you, you have to understand His plans for the world. What does He want to accomplish? What does He care about most? When you discover the answers to these questions by getting to know Him through prayer and the Bible, you’ll have a better idea of how He wants to use your gifts and talents to serve Him.

The main thing He wants to do is to reconcile the world to Himself through love (John 3:16). Therefore, there is no way to find long-term fulfillment in something that is in opposition to—or even neutral to—that goal. Entertaining, perhaps. Fulfilling, no.

Because His desire is for us to “make disciples”, then it’s logical that we will be more fulfilled when our lives support that effort—or another of God’s purposes. This doesn’t mean that you have to be an evangelist. However your natural skills and talents can be used—if even in an indirect way—to help accomplish God’s purposes in the world.

For example, a businessman can discover fulfillment in life by using a portion of his earnings to feed the hungry. Or a bookkeeper’s services may support a company that provides Bibles to the needy.

There are numerous ways God can use you right now, right where you are. This is good news because everyone can experience fulfillment by leveraging their position in life to serve Him and help accomplish His purposes in the world.

Are you a teacher? A banker? A construction worker? A web designer? How can you use your current occupation to make disciples, love others, and demonstrate His grace? When you begin to take even the smallest steps toward using your gifts and talents to fulfill His purposes in the world—if even in an indirect way—then you can know the fulfillment that comes from experiencing the real reason you are here.

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