The Power of Intent


Remember, it’s not enough to be against. We’re called — even created and redeemed — to live FOR Christ and His kingdom. Anything less is disobedience.

I have a lot of friends who aren't believers. Believe it or not, we end up talking about God a lot. This puzzles me… after all, as I remind them, if you don’t believe in something, why are you still so concerned about the topic? But that is another blog for another day.

Whenever we talk about how the universe began, we end up focusing on one issue: intent.  According to my friends (and I’m painting with a very big brush to make the point), the universe is random and accidental. Things are the way they are because molecules and atoms all ended up at the same place at the same time. There’s nothing purposeful or intentional about any of it.  Things happened because forces caused living things, both plant and animal, to adapt in order to survive.

And that’s when I ask my question: Why? Why does a fish that lives in a cave lose its sight over time?  Why can trees adapt their growth rates to the conditions around them? Why does every person have a natural drive to survive? To fight for life? Why does every newborn struggle to breathe? And every dying person postpone their last breath for as long as they can?

My answer is intent: There is, within the universe, an intention toward life.  Plants and animals will find a way to survive. It’s a primal urge all of us are born with.

Nothing happens in our world without intent. Nothing becomes more complex on its own. Left to themselves, things break down into their simplest components. Pile steel in the middle of a lot and it doesn't become a building. It rusts into nothing. Put a piece of paper on the ground and it doesn't become a novel. It disappears in the earth from which it was made.

Even in our own lives, without intent, nothing good happens.  Babies, for all of their cuteness, will not thrive unless the totality of their being is nourished. They have to be fed, held, loved, taught, encouraged — all with loving intent — to realize their potential as human beings. It doesn't just happen without it.

I believe one of the things the Bible teaches about God is that He is a God of purpose and intent. He has a plan and He is working His plan.

We shouldn't be surprised to realize our best lives are lived when we are intentionally living within the Divine Intent that created the universe and now seeks to redeem it. That means we live FOR… not against.

Being against isn't enough. Being against hunger doesn't mean you’re going to get food for someone who needs it. Being against injustice doesn't necessarily mean you’ll fight for justice.

Being FOR means you engage the brokenness of the world around you with Kingdom intent to be part of God’s redemptive work in the power of His resurrection.

And that’s different than simply being against.

So, here’s the basic question: what are you FOR?

How are you living out what you’re FOR in your everyday life?

Remember, it’s not enough to be against. We’re called — even created and redeemed — to live FOR Christ and His kingdom. Anything less is disobedience.

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