The Founding Father


God's identity and character—revealed and reflected in The Ten Commandments—became the mirror by which the people of Israel were to find their own identity.

Deuteronomy 9:10

What do The Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), The Constitution of the People of Hungary, The 1619 English Bill of Rights, The 1977 Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and The Constitution of the United States of America all have in common? They represent the will of the founders or current governors of the nations they represent. The purpose of constitutions is to set forth the will of the “founding fathers” about how a nation or people should live.

If you read any constitutional document carefully, you will learn about the identity of the founders. For what founder or founders would compose a document— often stained with the blood, sweat, and tears of a nation’s birth—that did not represent its hard-won and passionate beliefs? Reading a constitution is like reading a character sketch of the author(s). So it was with the “constitution” which God delivered to his newly-born nation from atop Mt. Sinai. Perhaps no nation was in more desperate need of guidance and structure than Israel was. They had been the puppets of pagan pharaohs for four hundred years. Their founder Abraham had bequeathed no constitution to them, and their slavery had afforded no opportunity to become organized and “constitutional” about life. Following their release from slavery their earthly leader, Moses, found himself at the head of a ratag, sand-lot nation—sans constitution.

Fortunately, the heavenly founder of Israel was prepared. God delivered to Moses two stone tablets with the initial set of guidelines by which the infant nation would grow and live. These laws—known to us as The Ten Commandments—became the initial constitution for Israel. And through the giving of this decalogue, Israel was able to catch a glimpse of its God. He was holy—completely set apart—from the pantheon of gods of the Egyptians. His identity, reflected in his laws, became the mirror in which the Israelites were to find their own identity as a people.

As a New Testament believer, don’t fail to study the Ten Commandments. They are the starting point for getting to know the character of our God.

God’s Promise to You: “You will find my character in the character of my Word.”


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