The False Promise


If Jesus made a habit of praying and spending time with His Father, then so should we.

Whenever we get busy and overworked, we look for ways to create more time to get the things done we feel like we HAVE to get done.

We’ll go to bed later or get up earlier and skimp on our sleep. We’ll skip meals and workouts. We’ll put off our prayer time and Bible study to a time when “we’re not so rushed.”

Then, guess what? We end up getting sick, depressed, and in general, become much less effective at the things we’re trying to do.

Most of us need at least eight hours of sleep a night. Most of us would do well to take a short nap sometime in the afternoon. All of us know this. We just don’t do it.

Nutrition is vital to our well-being. Blood sugar levels spike and dip, our moods swing this way and that—all because most of us don’t provide proper fuel for our bodies.

And prayer times and Bible study? These are the very things that Jesus Himself wouldn’t skip. He put off everything else so He could find a spot to pray and be with His Father.

Seems to me, if it was a habit for Jesus, it should be a habit for us.

One reason is that it’s only in prayer and Bible study that we learn what’s really important in our lives. Without the Spirit’s leading, we may find out we’ve done a great job climbing the ladder only to realize the ladder is on the wrong wall.

Instead of trying to create more time (which we can’t do), most of us would be better off trying to create more capacity. How do we do that? We start by saying “no.”

Look at your commitments. How many of them are really necessary? If they aren’t essential, drop them.

Spend your time on the handful of things that really matter. You’ll not only have more time in your life, but you’ll enjoy much more as well.

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