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Launching on Sept. 14, take the 30-Day Kindness Challenge, one of the best tools for helping to restore a hurting relationship or making a good one even better!

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In the past 10 years I have issued the 30-Day Kindness Challenge many times and watched the amazing difference it has made in individual lives and marriages.  And now, for my next book, we are testing it with many people all at once – and we need your help! We need those of every age and stage of life, primarily married (you can do it without your mate!), to go through three steps:

Step 1: Take a 10-minute, anonymous survey – when you complete it, you will be added to the 30-Day Kindness Challenge email list.

Step 2: Starting Sept. 14, do / don’t do three little things daily for 30 days, with help from daily / hint tip emails from us.* (see About The Challenge, below)

Step 3: Take another 10-minute, anonymous survey.

That’s it!  As thanks, once you complete the final survey, you will receive a three month premium subscription to iDisciple, our research sponsor.** As an added bonus, the first 300 people to complete the final survey will receive a free copy of the book when it comes out! (Estimated December 2016.)   Note that you do not have to do the 30-Day Kindness Challenge perfectly – you just have to try.

The challenge has special instructions and tasks for men and women separately, so be sure to sign up for the right list. Sign-up closes on Monday, September 14, so don’t delay!

About the Challenge

Starting Sept. 14 and ending Oct. 13, here’s the 30-Day Kindness Challenge in a nutshell:


  1. Don’t say anything negative about your husband/significant other – either to him or about him to someone else.
  2. Each day, find at least one thing that you appreciate and/or enjoy about your husband, and tell him and at least one other person.
  3. Each day, do one little act of kindness for him.


  1. Don’t be distracted and don’t withdraw: give your wife your full attention in conversation, at least 15 minutes a day. (And, when you are upset with each other, stay in the game five more minutes past when you want to escape.)
  2. Each day, find at least one thing that you enjoy or appreciate about her, and tell her.
  3. Each day, do one little act of kindness for her.

This means avoiding any words or tone that your spouse will perceive as negative, critical or unloving (even if you wouldn’t have taken it that way). This means looking for and saying out loud the good each day. (I promise, you’ll find it!) And it means purposefully doing something small that is kind and generous, whether that means bringing your wife coffee in the morning or leaving your husband a sticky note saying “thank you” for something he did the night before. Whether you want to heal a hurting relationship or make a good one great, we are eager to see the difference it makes in your life!  (And remember, you can do this on your own without your spouse participating – or even knowing about it!)

Sign-up closes on Monday, Sept. 14, so don’t delay!

Optional Tips: If you want a very special and unique gift for your spouse, buy a journal and don’t just say your thoughts of appreciation, but also record them. Then on the last day of the Challenge, or some other special time, give the journal as a gift – and watch their face as they see what you’ve written!  Also, you may find it useful to record what you learn as you go, in your own personal journal if you have one.

Join us! For the next 30 days, change what you think, say and do and watch your marriage change too!

30 Days. Small Changes. Big Results.

If you need any help with the sign-up process, please contact Caroline at cniziol@shaunti.com

*After the Challenge, you will be subscribed to email updates from Shaunti.com. You can unsubscribe at any time.

**Note: those who are already premium iDisciple subscribers can gift their 3 free months to the person of their choice.

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