Stuck at a Crossroad


Could God be speaking to us in His silence? Sheree DeCouto shares 4 Biblical examples to help us navigate the crossroads we get stuck on.

Sometimes there is no clear choice. We pray and pray for God to show us which way to turn and He is strangely quiet. Should I take this job or that one? Should I buy this house or that one? We desperately want to make the right move, but which move is right?

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I’ve wished I could google my answer. It would be so much easier to type my question, hit enter and get an instant reply. Maybe that’s the problem. We live in a generation of instant everything. We want our answer and we want it now.

But, what if God’s silence in our situation is on purpose? What if our desire to know His direction for our lives is overshadowing our greater need of just seeking Him? Could God be speaking to us in His silence? 

Below are 4 Biblical examples to help us navigate the crossroads we get stuck on:

1. There can be consequences when we don’t seek His divine direction. Abraham decided to leave Canaan because of a famine and move to Egypt without consulting God. His decision almost cost him his wife. Despite his wrong decision, God eventually brought them both back to Canaan safely and wealthier to boot.

God can use our mistakes for our good and His glory.

2. If God tells you to go- go!  After Israel was freed from slavery God led them to the banks of the Jordan. He told them to go, but instead they sent spies who came back with a scary report. If they would have ignored the scary report and obeyed God they could have bypassed 40 years of wilderness wandering.

God often calls us to make scary decisions, trust Him and go!

3. Sometimes God’s silence is because you’re not ready to go where He wants to lead you. Jacob lived 20 years with his uncle because he wasn’t ready, Joseph spent 20 years as slave and prisoner, Moses spent 40 years on the back side of the dessert and David lived in caves for 20 years.

God uses our times of waiting to prepare us for the places He wants to take us.

4. Sometimes our fate is best left in the hands of others. When Abraham and Lot needed to separate and go their own ways, Abraham allowed Lot to choose the portion of the land he preferred. By graciously giving away his best, Abraham was able to see God do amazing things with the lessor portion.

God is able to take what seems less than and make it more than we could ever expect. .

As you consider the stuck places you find yourself in I pray that these Biblical examples will help you hear Him better. In His silence could He be saying one of the following to you?

  • “Make a decision and trust Me with the outcome.”
  • “What I’m calling you to do may look scary, do it anyway.”
  • “Stay where you are, you aren’t ready yet.”
  • “Give up the better thing so I can show you things that will blow your mind.”
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