Stop, Look, Listen


What unusual sources of correction might God use in your life?

He who keeps instruction is in the way of life. Proverbs 10:17

David and I have totally different driving styles. I'm pretty laid-back, but David is a bit more aggressive. I've told him I'm concerned about the way he drives, and I've mentioned our grandchildren when I've done so. I've encouraged David to be careful with his actions in the car when they are with us. After all, they are watching, and they are impressionable.

Well, David listened, but his driving didn't change.

Then one day, our grandson Zachary was riding with us in the car as David was driving us down the freeway. He was due to catch a plane in a very short time, and we were running late. David moved into the left lane of traffic, expecting it to move at the fastest rate of speed. But a huge cement truck came barreling down the middle lane and swerved into ours. David slowed abruptly, sending his suitcases flying. David was irritated and in a hurry. He said, "You dork! What are you doing in this lane anyway?"

You see it coming, don't you? Just as David finishes his outburst, our grandson chimes in from the backseat: "You dork! What ya doing?"

If you have kids, you've experienced this type of moment. It sounded fairly mild when those words came from David. But hearing those exact words coming from a three-year-old was unbearable. We both cringed.

God used that moment to further convict David to be more disci­plined in handling his emotions and actions on the road. Zachary's voice helped provide some correction that day.

God uses a variety of ways to show us what changes we need to make. Our grandson's simple comment became a strong reminder to David that his driving was being noticed. It was enough to help him become more careful on the road.

What unusual sources of correction might God use in your life?

Father, let me hear all the voices that point out the need for change.

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