Staying Connected to God


Dependence and connection to the Father is our only pathway to peace and fulfillment.

My wife Pam and I just returned for a powerful two-day experience with James and Betty Robison at Keystone, CO. I’m trying to download much of what I feel like God said there. In the meantime, let me share some additional “bullet points” for your prayerful consideration.

  • When God tells you what to do, the enemy often moves in to tell you how, where, who, when . . . 
  • John 17 was Jesus’ great intercessory prayer. He prayed that we would be ONE. We have to learn to disagree without divorcing. God’s heart is for harmony in the family and in the body.
  • God is calling us to an Isaiah 58 season. We are to be the restorers of the fallen and rebuilders of the wall. The restoration of America will happen, because of the transformation of people. The Church is real sick, but God is calling the Church to this role in our world. We have to love every sick and defeated church, but we must not give our people pablum. We have to tend the ground where God has placed us and be faithful in our watch. 

Thoughts on the above:

1) You remember the old saying, “the devil is in the details.” Colloquial sayings have a root in truth. I thought this was such a powerful observation. So many times when I have been clear about what God wanted for me or our church, or a team of people, to do…we ended up getting sideways on the "when, how and who" parts of the equation. We did the right thing in the wrong way, time, or people. So important for me to hear…STAY grounded and connected to God the entire way through the journey. Dependence and connection to the Father is our only pathway to peace and fulfillment.

2) This vision for harmony on the basics was huge throughout this conference. Part of my heart in Thriving Churches International (TCI) is to build a broad network of churches who have a passion for outreach, spiritual growth, developing leaders. As that network develops, we have a core statement of faith and a clear mission and vision. We are building a relational network to help facilitate this. God is already moving…we have churches of all kinds of stripes (and no stripes) engaged in the vision. Part of why TCI was established was this framework. I felt affirmed in this conference challenge.

3) Isaiah 58 is SO rich. I personally felt God calling me to dwell there. God’s promises are RICH! What an amazing call and promise! We have to live in this. My heart is broken for the sick and weakly condition of the church. I’m praying that God will give all of us wisdom about how we bring the Bride of Christ into the fullness of our assignment. I long to see the fulfillment of our assignment in churches across America and around the world. God has given and called the US to an appointment with divine destiny. Let’s run to the Father’s heart and fulfill our calling!

What happens in your heart as you read these things?

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