Some Helpful Missional Practices


Sam Lovell offers eight ways to expand your missional efforts.

1. Become a regular

Instead of going to lots of different places each week when you do your shopping, get a haircut or go to a coffee shop, go to the same place each time. Get to know the staff and start up conversations with them. Be intentional. It can start simply by asking them how their day has been. Smile and make eye contact. Do that week after week and you will start to get to know them.

2. Talk to your co-workers or fellow students

Pretty simple really but surprising how many people forget this. Use your break times at work or school to chat to people. Nothing complicated. Take initiative. Engage in small talk and also look for opportunities to take things deeper when appropriate. Find out peoples stories. Ask what they enjoy doing outside of school or work. Become a good listener and see the beauty God has put in the people around you.

3. Hobby with non-Christians

Do the things you like to do anyway, just invite other people to join you. It could be football, squash, knitting, music, climbing, chess—whatever. Also look for opportunities to join in the hobbies of those you are getting to know. This requires that you adopt the position of a learner and it gives them the opportunity to teach you. Humility goes a very long way.

4. Eat with non-Christians

Instead of thinking about trying to fit a missional activity into your already busy calendar, look at how you can make your current calendar missional. We tend to overlook the value of sharing food together. On average we have between 21-28 meals a week. Take time to share some of those meals with people who don't know Jesus. Make this a weekly habit.

5. Read Jesus stories

When you recognize someone who seems open to you, take a step of faith and ask them if they'd like to read a Jesus story with you. It's easy. Read a story about Jesus together from the Bible and discuss two questions: "What does this show you about what Jesus is like? How does this speak to your heart?"After reading the story, ask them if they'd like to get together again. Many times, discussing Jesus stories is a gateway for people to encounter God. It often plants the seed of a future simple church that can grow among them and their friends.

6. Say "yes" to every invitation from a non-Christian

Pretty straightforward really. We heard this one from Michael Frost. Sometimes we just need to get outside of the Christian bubble. Learning to say "yes" to invitations from non-Christians is a great way of doing this. It is also great way of recognizing people of peace (see Luke 10:6). You will probably be pushed out of your comfort zone, as you have to meet people on their terms—but that's a good thing.

7. Ask your non-Christian friends to be praying for you

It's really important that we don't wait until someone "prays a prayer" before we start to disciple them. If someone likes you then involve him or her in your life—through the good and the bad. Asking someone to be praying for you in certain situations requires humility, vulnerability and the recognition that you need help from those around you.

8. Heal the sick and prophesy

If you have given your life to Jesus then you can live in His power and boldness. Healing the sick and hearing the Father's voice should be normal for those who believe. Learn to be dependent on the Holy Spirit's leading whilst present in your daily situations. If you see someone in obvious need of help, comfort, healing or encouragement, ask the Holy Spirit if there is something He wants to say or do to bless that person through you. Be bold but don't force things and don't leave people in uncomfortable situations. They need to know that they are loved by God and loved by you.

Written by Sam Lovell

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